Year Two (122) – Model Portfolios

The essence of Boudoir

Photography is an adventure, it is about challenging my comfort zones and is about having fun, this week I got to meet an amazing local model to create some Boudoir and glamour images for her portfolio, and  it also meant that I was able to use my graphic design skills to add something to the images.

Meet Molly


Molly was great, she was open to ideas, she was fun to work with, she was aware of the light and she  alluded  body confidence, something that as a photographer we need to encourage.

I got some amazing images and some fun ones too…

Lady Molly 4
Photoshoped to remove the background and to add the saying on her wall.

In this image I removed the background, added the writing on the wall of her flat, as I felt that this was a good introductory shot… she could be anywhere… and my idea of a Boudoir session, starts with the model clothed – so you can see who they are…

Lady Molly 23
The essence of Boudoir

It is the details and the hints that make a boudoir session for me… I love to see the glimpses of detail, the relaxed hands, the location… and let the imagination tell the rest of the story… I also particularly like black and white. The challenge here was to make the most of the location….

Lady Molly 15
Her smile – body confident and relaxed

And her is Molly back lit against the window… what draws you to her, her eyes, her winning smile, to me that is what makes a great portrait – a relaxed happy person confident and relaxed with the photographer.

Lady Molly 34
A totally different style from me

Pushing the boundaries of photography, Molly dressed in leather trousers, topless and on the stairs of her communal flat… the light was amazing… and I wanted to capture a very different story and fantasy with some of the images…

And finally fun … Molly was a great sport – had some amazing facial expressions and was willing to have a laugh .. dressed in her underwear and a elf’s hat she made some great facial expressions and I am sure it will put a smile on Santa’s face…

Lady Molly 40
Molly reminded me of a cheeky Santa elf!

More photos of Molly can be found here: Molly’s album and I hope to add some more photos shortly as I have been invited to attend a studio day at the Art Asylum in Weymouth. Exciting times ahead!

Year Two (121) – Autumn is coming

New Forest Fungi

Autumn in the New Forest, a great time to explore and notice the details… the photo below captured on my 5D mark iii with my nifty 50, is to me a great autumn image, the leaves are just turning, puddles offer reflections, the sun is shining  and the path is inviting you to explore.

Reflections in a puddle

This one was taken on the Canon G7x, Continue reading

Year two (120) – Photobuddy

Off camera flash - as shot.

Long time no blog … but welcome back Photobuddy!

Photobuddy having a drink
Photobuddy having a drink

This was taken the same day as the Highland Cow picture … and it was a beautiful morning with the autumn light shining through the trees…  and I knew what I wanted … I wanted to capture that light with my photobuddy in the foreground!

Autumn Trees 1
Autumn in the New Forest

He was the best photobuddy in the world! With my camera flash on the ground to the side, he sat just where I wanted him and I took the shot… straight out of camera I was impressed…

Off camera flash - as shot.
Off camera flash – as shot.

Taking it into lightroom and photoshop and adding a little more processing and I am still impressed .. I am in awe to think he sat style and that I can achieve this kind of shot in camera!

Off camera flash - with additional processing in photoshop
Off camera flash – with additional processing in photoshop

Photobuddy got lots of biscuits today!

Year Two (119) – A Highland Cow

Getting lower and almost wet! ISO400, F8, 1/2500

One walk in the New Forest on an autumn morning, and a variety of lighting opportunities and a variety of backgrounds as I captured the free roaming highland cattle. I have my 28-300mm lens, an off camera flash which I use for the first time with wildlife and my 5D mark iii.

These are the highlights….

Highland cows in the distance … using the zoom lens to focus in on the cow walking across the New Forest in the early morning sunshine.

A Cow in the distance - ISO800, F5.6, 1/1600sec - 300mm focal length.
A Cow in the distance – ISO800, F5.6, 1/1600sec – 300mm focal length.

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Year Two (118) – Smokin’

2 coloured sweet wrappers on the flash - ISO200, F5, 1/12508

I have photographed smoke a couple of times before… but took the opportunity to capture it again and to see if I could pick up some new tips. Smoke is a great material to photograph, it has a mind of its own and you never quite know where it is going to go, but they make great textures and brushes that you can use to enhance other pictures and images.

This time I took the opportunity to experiment with shutter speeds and to learn from other photographers.. I had the dark background much further away that made it easier .. and I used my 100mm macro leans and a snood on the flash to direct the light. These are some of the different results I achieved:

ISO200, 1/640sec, F7.1
ISO200, 1/640sec, F7.1

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Year Two (117) – More children

Harrison and Jack on a family shoot in their own home.

I had the pleasure of photographing another family, shooting in family homes is great fun and a challenge, you have to think on your feet, work with the available light, the available furniture and the child’s own toys, but it add’s a real sense of belonging to the shoot – the photos are unique to that family and mean more because moments of their lives as they are right now.

This is a sneak peak from their photo shoot … and I am now mastering Premier Pro, what a great way to share a preview of an album, with a social media friendly video clip… impossible to print images from, but really easy to share across multi media platforms and leaving the family to see the rest of the album.

It was a lovely afternoon capturing moments like little fingers and little toes, loving smiles and sparkle between adults and children and working flexibly in an environment that encouraged the children to behavior naturally and have fun!

Harry & Jack
Harry and Jack on a family shoot in their own home.

More photo shoots and mini movies are available on me web site –

Year Two (116) – On location

Three Springs Self catering Accommodation Montage - sized for A6.

Creating an image of a something which encourages you to visit and to want to find out more is an important part of marketing a business online, today’s brief was to capture the essence of this lovely self catering property in the New Forest, give a taste of what was available and create something that they can use it their advertising to promote themselves.

Three Springs 30
Three Springs Facebook profile image or advertising image if one only photo allowed.

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Year Two (115) – Morning Dew

ISO200, F2.8, 1/3200

It is October and the weather is on the change, I love mornings where the grass is covered in dew and the light is sparkling like tiny jewels… I love simple colours of the images, the bokeh that you can capture through the refracted light.

These were taken on my 100mm macro lens, no extras, just what was there on the grass this morning .. my essential kit was a ground sheet – the grass was wet, and a bean bag to rest my camera on… Continue reading

Year Two (114) – I love photographing children

Lily - 12 days old.

I love photographing children, it is great capturing their personalities and the magic moments that the parents can look back on… and you never quite know what is going to happen.

Lily 12 Days Old
Lily – 12 days old.

This time I got to photograph a very stylized “Hungry caterpillar”, nanny had made the outfit especially for the shoot, and I have to say that Lily loved it, she was snug, warm and happy to have a snooze …  she was also a pooping and feeding machine .. and regularly wanted more milk and covered everything in poop… we gave up on the bare bum shots…

I was also able to capture her big sisters and mum and dad for some images too … so family photos.

At the same time I have been experimenting with a video style sneak peak to share with clients via facebook and social media… it means the photos are not easy to copy, but they help share the excitement of the shoot …  and adding my own branding to the video was also a creative challenge…

The final gallery is here: Meet Lily and delighted to say the family were delighted!

We drove down from Somerset to have Lily’s pictures taken at just 12 days old, after seeing the fantastic pictures of our nephew that Helen had taken.
Helen was fantastic with lily, really calm and nothing phased her, we even had to stop to feed shortly after the start!
I would highly recommend Helen, not only for the baby shoot, as she’s also fantastic with the whole family, including the teens! We had a lovely afternoon, capturing special family memories in a warm and welcoming environment, thank you so much