Midday photoshoot

I recently got to work with an amazing model to create some portfolio images for her –  we decide to meet in the New Forest and at the worst time of day possible – midday in June, when the weather was lovely and sunny.  For me though there was a fantastic opportunity to practice to overcome the lighting conditions to create a variety of images.

Most shots were taken on a 70-200 lens,  with off camera flash either the AD200, the AD360 with the help of a softbox or #Magmods .

Lizzy in the New Forest 37
Country girl in the New Forest National Park.

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Photographing people and children in public places

“For much of the last few years, anyone wielding a camera (most notably a large one) risked being viewed as a potential terrorist threat. In response, last summer the Home Secretary Theresa May instructed our police force to adopt a more common sense approach combined with a better understanding of the use and misuse of our terrorism laws. I think there has been an improvement since then and it appears that individuals who are enjoying a spot of picture taking in public are now less likely to be approached by the authorities. But unfortunately the suspicion of terrorism is not the only accusation hurled at photographers. There still remains the possibility that you may be questioned or even threatened by members of the public who believe they know (or can rewrite) the laws under which we all live. This is very much the case when it comes to capturing and publishing images containing minors. Even parents themselves have been poorly treated at times when taking photographs of their own youngsters. Continue reading

May Highlights

The month began with a whole host of new adventures:

  • Theatrical photography
  • A mother and daughter bluebell shoot.
  • London Trip
  • New Born photography
  • 18th Birthday party photoshoot
  • Family location photoshoot with special effects
  • Food Photography


A different view of London – 2 days in the capital and a chance to explore a variety of locations all with the G7 camera with the idea to capture to buildings, the moments, and the variety that was on offer, that could offer meaning to me. It was also a chance to visit a bucket list location – the Sky Garden (I would recommend) and some other interesting locations….

Changing of the Guard

We were lucky enough to see the changing of the guard in London – we did not know it was happening, so this highlight the importance of having a camera in your hand, rather than in your bag – means you can capture the moment and the memory! Continue reading

Loving my MagMods

I have been looking for a while for some MagMods to add to my camera flash units because I really like being able to control light on and off camera and I have come to realise these are pretty amazing accessories to own. I started my collection with a MagSphere and a Mag Grip – both purchased through Amazon Uk with Jack the Hat being the UK supplier. Continue reading

A few days away

I am looking at traveling light with my photography for some events coming up which means abandoning my canon, my lens, my flash and my heavy rucksack and traveling light with just the G7 in my pocket … so on a recent weekend away that is all I used.

I took 120 photos over the weekend – 25 I was happy with – and I discovered a lot, and I know I need to practice some more:

  • I like macro shots with it
  • It works well in low light (inside the church)
  • It has a really wide angle
  • I cant zoom in and get close enough to my subjects at time – and does not compress the landscape enough, but I can crop
  • I love the ability to shoot so much lower than normal
  • My focusing – with the auto screen is off… I am using al servo, but begining to think one shot might be better

There is certainly a different between this and my DSLR, but it is small, descrete, fits in my coat pocket and I think the more I use it and learn its limitations – like any lens offers, the more I will work out what shots it is suitable for.

April Highlights

I can not believe how fast the year is going and how quickly my images are changing and developing as I realise how I love taking photos of people, and creating the images into something a little more… highlights include:

  • Fashion shoot at the beach
  • Puppy photos
  • An invitation to Canon HQ
  • A high Key fashion shoot
  • Children’s photography
  • Teenage fashion shoot
  • Choir photography session and headshots
  • Performance Art Photoshoot
  • Woodland Photography
  • Night Photography with a great group of friends

Sunshine and Teens

Last week I had a photoshoot cancel on me last minute, and I was really disappointed – I had my camera gear sorted, the location planned out and my mind was flowing with creative ideas and then it was not to be as I required a subject.

My teenage daughter came to the rescue and although she does not like me to photograph her she was happy to call a friend who would have loved to be in some shoots, so I took the time to play with my camera with both of them. It was fun, the friend wanted to learn more about modelling and discovered it is not as glamorous as she thought… and my daughter agreed to be in a couple of shots too.

Interestingly both my daughter and I agreed on our favorite image from the shoot – it was her and her friend – the backs of them reaching for the sky, the sky was blown out but it added a lovely airy feel to the image and for both of us it represented happy, carefree sunshine days.

Maria and Beck 9
Happy Days

I have mentioned on several posts, the importance of print – of having a physical photo to remember an event, a memory and a special moment and I decided that I would surprise my daughter with a canvas of this image – I had recently been in contact with Saal Digital and they had offered me a complimentary canvas – so I thought I would surprise my daughter with a treat.

The ordering process with Saal Digital was easy, they will deal direct with clients – and they kept me informed when the image arrived to them and when it was despatched – and despite being based in Germany the canvas arrived securely packed within a week (and this included the Easter break).

The colours matched my edited image well – the yellow’s were bright and vibrant, there was no banding – which is essential if I am recommending a company – the actual wooden frame is made of wood rather than mdf – which means it is less likely to warp, and it had strengtheners to add in the corners – it was also wider than I expected and had tapered edges which added a nice fill to the image.

The client – in this case my daughter, was delighted with the canvas, and she hung it immediately on her bedroom wall. For a teenager I think that is a major score – she was delighted with the surprise.

Print on my daughters wall.

As a photographer it is definitely a company that I would recommend to my clients – the colours match well with my edit and the quality is great – if a client want to purchase digital files and create their own pictures from those images this would be a great company for them to look at so Saal Digital will be recommended by us in future.

Bluebell Woods

On previous years I have captured photos of Bluebells, and today I was checking out the location for a possible portrait shoot, with only my nifty 50 to hand – and the frustration that this brought really highlighted the importance of anticipating the shot and taking the right equipment or traveling with a full camera bag.

Bluebell Wood

I love the woodland – but with the nifty 50, I could not zoom in and compress the background, bring the flowers closer together – the dull light of an overcast day though meant great lighting conditions and only very soft shadows.

I focused instead this time of thinking where I would sit subjects within the woodland, how to make the images light and airy… I like a softer style and when I compare the subject with images taken in previous years I can see my composition has improved too!

Bluebells 2017
A bluebell
Woodland Details
Bluebells in the Spring