Day 2 – Nifty 50

Not sure I was going to get a photo today – but took the camera and the nifty 50 with me on the dog walk and with that in mind I thought I would try and photograph something then I can fill the frame with and yet enhance some small detail by using the depth of field of the lens.

First I considered taking photos of some fence posts, with the idea to focus on each post in turn to show how you can control what the viewer looks at, the photos worked – but I was not really happy with the photos through the view finder, they lacked an interest, a story and if anything were rather bland…  It was also impossible to take the same photo to make a clear comparison without a tripod – these shots were handheld, as I of course moved … Settings for these two were: F4, F1000, iso 400 – I tend to use Aperture Priority mode.

Lesson learnt this morning – there are times when a tripod is needed … maybe I need to look into getting a lighter model!

Fence Posts and depth of FieldSo I carried on my walk and decide that the bolts holding the side of a large corrugated shed were much more interesting, the bot could be drawn out from the surrounding background and with the low sun shinning on the side of the shed it made a much more interesting photo … so this is my photo for day 2. – Taken on F4, 1/100 sec iso 400.

I am surprised I like this photo – it makes the bolt stand out, the building suddenly has feature and is interesting… and there is a hint of repetition…  It is not a picture I would have on my wall, but I like the hidden textures, the reflection of the sunlight, the warmth I feel that is hidden in the picture and I wonder how many other dog walkers walk past this very spot over the years and have never noticed the details on the old barn!

The Shed - Shallow Depth of Field

I was joined on this morning’s walk by one of my three teen’s – J, and we talked about art, photoshop and developing ideas as he enjoys it and we discussed that the New Year is all about new challenges.