Day 5 – Interior Photography

For my work with Renouf Design, I sometimes have the privilege of visiting people’s home and businesses offering them advice and photographing their property to promote it in local advertising on local web sites like Explore the New Forest for example.

Today I was invited to visit and photograph a brand new B&B that is hoping to open soon in Lymington – this is always a challenge as you don’t know what the rooms will look like, how prepared they will be when you arrive and how much the owners know about marketing their business to their best potential …  I headed out this morning with my camera, a variety of lenses – although I only used my wide angle lens (Sigma 10-20mm 1:4-5.6), a reflector, a white balance card and some flashes.

Some of the hardest challenges I have found when photographing B&B rooms are:

  • Choosing what to include and what to leave out
  • Showing as much as possible about the space, style etc in as few a photos as possible as most B&B’s only want to pay to advertise 3 or 4 photos.
  • How to make the most out of small spaces – bathrooms and en suites are very tricky
  • How to move things to make the photo look better, without making it look like something it isn’t – as after all the room is not my style, my business – I can only suggest alterations
  • Mirrors – making sure I am not in the final photo!

Today was one of the worst B&B’s I have ever visited in terms of mirrors – they were everywhere, lots in the hall – which was too cluttered to photograph, all above the bed in one room, and then in the other room – mirrored wardrobe, mirrored cupboards, a lovely roll top bath in a mirrored wall area … and a beautiful sparkly shower room…. it was beautiful – but incredibly hard to photograph…. anyway these are the initial results.

All the photos with taken on a tripod, with a timed release, and at a fixed iso.

Interior Photography