Day 21 – Studio Lighting Small Scale

Today my task is Homework for son J, he is doing an assignment in which he has to name various computer components, rather than search the Internet for relevant images he has tasked me to set up a mini studio whilst he takes a computer apart …

Studio set up!
Studio set up!

My set up – a white box, 2 flashes and remote flash triggers and my camera on a tripod. I followed the advice of the last couple of days … Added one flash and then the second … Checking each time with my camera on manual, setting the white balance on camera with my white balance card and then carefully photographing the parts he asked for, and letting his check the shot on my phone via my WIFI memory card!

Things to consider for future learning:

  • Make a note of what I photograph and what image they refer to – if you have not got a clue…. as if doing client work it sounds more professional!
  • Watch for dust … close up the small things matter, the Power Unit was really dusty and ended up marking my cloth
  • In my white box the bottom cloth is velvety and the texture showed up in some of the photos.
  • The angle of the subject is important – along with the smoothness of the backdrop cloth.
  • Dog hair and the dog knocking the set up….
  • Have a look if there is a better way of linking up to the WiFi memory card so I can use my Ipad as a tethering device.
  • After posting … this video came up on my Facebook feed to do with product photography…. which is really quite informative … worth watching!

I am really pleased with the end images – I think they are the best studio style shots I have took to date and what is more impressive is my 17 year old son – J, has agreed they are OK for his homework… so I guess that is job well done, and he is even using them for his online blog – Jake’s computers!


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