Day 22 – Street Photography Challenge

Quick Research this morning:

  • street photography is a type of candid photography done in a public place, be it a street, a restaurant or even public transport” – so that is what I am aiming for, and ideally he tells a story….
  • More tips – this has lead me choosing a wider lens and taking a ND filter just in case, and to be confident and not ask first! If in doubt … don’t take!
  • Shutter Speeds – I like the idea of slow shots shown on this site, conveying the movement of the area … I am going to take an 8ND filter with me…. in case I need it….

I have never tried street photography till today – always been uncomfortable with the idea … some of the results are below:

Conclusion: It was not as scary as I thought it would be … most people don’t notice you have a camera and if you stand talking to a friend then nobody notices at all… not one person asked what I was doing, or challenged me – I think I was lucky … but it does show how unaware people are … interestingly what struck me the most was high isolated people are – the majority of people sat or walking along were attached to a device … the view is much better without the device there!

A new article about street photography can be found here: Street photography