Day 46 – Action Shots

One of my challenges today was to take a group photo – not easy .. so I had a quick look at some posing suggestions before I started and found this handy guide online – and it give me some really good ideas of these to think about when briefly positioning the crew that I had before me before they began their training exercise – I am not in the position to able to share the group shot… rather instead I thought I would share some of my favorite photos of today. There is quite a few favorites – as I took some 400 plus photos ….but it was so nice being in the fresh air, sitting in the sun and watching what was going on.

Things I thought about:

  • Which Lens… I took my 18-250mm lens and my 150-500mm lens so I had a huge variety of focal distances covered.
  • ISO I choose – 25o, the skies were overcast and I needed to keep the shutter speed up when using my bid lens to reduce movement.
  • I took my tripod, so the shots with the big lens were steady
  • I took a groundsheet – to lie on the mud on… and to protect my kit
  • I thought about taking close ups, shooting silhouettes and hiding the identity of the crew …. to create stock images to use on their web site: – so I had to consider the available lighting and shadows … I had no opportunity to use flash.
  • I thought about the aperture to create the depth of field I wanted to focus the shots.
  • I thought about space – space for people to move into, space to show how far they are from others when they are rescuing people, and at the same time what a close relationship they have with each other.
  • I also thought about the crew – I wanted to show their concentration, dedication to their job – they are all volunteers, their team essence and a little of what’s involved.


  • Lymington Coastguard Mud Rescue Excercise
    Lymington Coastguard Mud Rescue Excercise

    Lymington Coastguard Mud Rescue Excercise
    Lymington Coastguard Mud Rescue Exercise

Thank you to Lymington Coastguard for letting me watch.