Day 49 – Portraits

Taking photos of people is not my favorite thing… but it is a challenge every photographer should face, it is something I wish I was better at and I took the opportunity of the last couple of days to do just that by visiting my Goddaughter and her family. Taking photos of her is important as sadly we don’t live close enough to visit very often… to get there involves travelling out of the UK and into three other countries! It amazes me how grown up she is .. and how my own family have grown on each visit – so the photos are for my memories and of course for her parents … as I like to send them a copy.

My kit

  • 18-250mm lens
  • my brand new portable flash umbrella and my flash on manual (that was great)
  • Manual mode and Aperture mode

These are my favs:

Would I need to practice and be aware of for the future

  • The flash can be harsh if too strong… I need to learn to use it more to so I can understand the available light.
  • I need to learn to use the flash so that the background is not too dark
  • I need to realise how quick toddler move.

Finally I have been nominated by a Facebook friend, Connie for five days I post things I have ‘created’ and nominate five artists / crafters who inspire me, with the tag: #artchain. I have not created this family in anyway.. but I have created some great memories with them over the years so this is my first post!