Day 56 – What can I see?

A shopping trip and driving practice today… so dropped the camera in my bag with the nifty 50 to see what I could capture.  To see if I really did like the results I captured last week and to see what I can discover.

I stopped off at Christchurch Harbour and took this photo – I liked the realationship between the people and the swan. The people are sat there looking at him, and you almost wonder what the swan is thinking – “move up, make room for me or what you looking at?”

ISO 200, F5, !/1250 sec
ISO 200, F5, 1/1250 sec

The swans at Christchurch were a little bit hissy and a little bit scary… and I was amazed at how close they came. I was using my fixed lens… so either I had to go to the subject or it has to come to you… so when I turned my head and saw this view it really highlighted to me that you have to be aware of what is either side and behind you as well as what is in front of the lens. He was definitely checking me out for treats etc.

ISO200, F2.8, 1/3200sec
ISO200, F2.8, 1/3200sec

Next along came a regular visitor – or so I assumed –  as he wandered across the quayside he was a little like the pied piper as the swans started to follow him… he carefully placed his morning coffee on a concrete pillar as his “friends” gathered round, some raiding his bag, others pushing and shoving to make sure they were closer to the front and then I could see why – elevenses had arrived for everyone!

ISO200, F9, 1/800
ISO200, F9, 1/800

I said before I don’t like taking people pictures – with a zoom lens in is a lot more discrete than with a 50mm lens – but I decided to move closer and to see if I could see the gentleman feeding the swans. I think I got caught taking this picture – he doesn’t look too happy about it, but the swans aren’t the only one keen to have a mid morning snack – I just love how the seagull is sneaking up on him to grab his share!

I have edited this one in Lightroom and Photoshop to enhance the clarity and break  out the details – more than I normally would be I feel this photo justifies it.

Man on the Quay
ISO 100, F9 1/640

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