Day 62 – Photoshop

Day 47 – involved me experimenting with flash, taking a selfie and then changing the background… today I have not felt well, I have spent a lot of the day sleeping, rather than taking photos … so instead I am sharing the second edit that I did of the photo…  sometimes it is fun to just play around with photoshop.

The image contains the message – Keep Living Strong … sometimes it is a hard message to remember and a challenge to remember especially when some days are tougher than others. Keep Living Strong, also represents – KLS – Kleine Levin Syndrome … and this picture was suppose to represent a celebration.. as my son who has the condition celebrates having the most well days since his episodes begun in 2011.



One thought on “Day 62 – Photoshop

  1. Sorry to hear you have not felt well, I hope you feel much better very soon. I love what this image represents. Tonight I handed in my entries for my new camera club bi-monthly competition – eek!


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