Day 66 – Unplanned group Shot

Today I was on a First Aid Course for Dog Owners, all about how to look after your dog and ensure he/she has the best chance of recovery and it was great… I would really recommend it, and with no photo opportunity planned for today, I popped my DSLR into my handbag just in case the right opportunity arose, after all I can only take a photo if I have the camera with me.

As the course finished, Jo the instructor asked if we could all go outside for a photo … my brain leaped into gear, and thought here is my chance for a photo today – a large group shot, she was only taking the image on my phone, so I asked if she minded if I took a photo too … when I got my camera out, I was deemed a professional ….

Managing a large group is hard:

  • the location was far from ideal,
  • there was a building which the sign needed to be included,
  • a large group of people all reluctant to move and whom were all strangers,
  • a fence.

The only option was to try and get as much above the fence as possible, I stood on a chair which sank into the grass and I asked everyone to look at me, they then wanted to include a plastic dog and a real one – it was after all a dog first aid course, and my camera lens was no where near wide enough … despite asking people to move in, move in front – with a fence between me and the crowd it was very hard to direct people.

ISO 400, F14, 1/800 sec
ISO 400, F14, 1/800 sec

Into photoshop – where I cropped down the excess wall behind, edited out the club advertising and moved it onto the fence, with the aim that the fence was no longer a boundary between me and the group of people, but an introduction in to whom was being photographed.  I think it looks better… and then I turned it into black and white imagining what it might look like if it was put into a local paper.

ISO 400, F14, 1/800 sec - edited in photoshop
ISO 400, F14, 1/800 sec – edited in Photoshop
ISO 400, F14, 1/800 sec - Edited and made black and white
ISO 400, F14, 1/800 sec – Edited and made black and white

I am not happy with the group though … I wanted to be higher to over come the fence, I can’t see everyone’s faces, their certificates are distracting and the people are just bundled together, it would have been better to sort them by size, to sit some down, create natural groups etc … maybe next time I won’t suggest I take the photo, or I will take more control and move them more … now I have thought of moving the sign… I would have edited that in afterwards and perhaps had them stood around the buildings steps more …. I think more out of the box thinking and planning to another time….