Day 74 – Spring Flowers

ISO125, F2.8, 1/1000 sec
ISO125, F2.8, 1/1000 sec

In the UK – it is Mother’s day … Mother’s Day also to me is associated with the arrival of Spring, and I just love the contrasting colours between daffodils – the flower of spring and the green stems on which they grow – and I used the wide aperture of my nifty 50 lens to separate the new bloom from the background.

Above is a daffodil growing… below  is a picked daffodil – a mini one – held at arms length with a shallow depth of field in a variety of conditions, all taken with auto white balance

  1. With a window behind the photo and a dark slate floor
  2. Side lit by a window with light carpet behind
  3. Side lit by window with a dark bean bag behind
  4. With no direct lighting, wall paper behind

It was just an experiment to see what effect light has if you are able to control it more – the pictures show that the impact of the available light not only effects the colour of the flower, but also the colour of the background … there is a lot to think about whenever you press the shutter button.

All about the available Light
All about the available natural light and the background.