Day 75 – My New Studio

Wow – I have a photographic studio … doesn’t that sound amazing – I am on day 77 of my blog and I have finally got my very own studio to practice studio lights with and to learn a little about still life and portraits … I am so excited.

OK – not the confession … I have cleared out the shed… I have made room in it to put a couple of studio lights, a table and a backdrop  and this is my mini studio .. the place where I am going to go and experiment over the next month of so … if you are reading this and can recommend some links – that would be AMAZING – please leave your suggests in the comments box….

My amazing new studio - taken on my Iphone!
My amazing new studio – taken on my Iphone!

My first attempts at getting the background white, the lights right – using just two of them and some pretty pink flowers.

ISO 100, F1.8, 1/200 sec
ISO 100, F1.8, 1/200 sec – studio lights

In experimenting with my 2 flashes, one angled at the background, the other at the flowers (via an umbrella reflection)  – I was able to capture these shots. I started with the flashes turned down and a really wide aperture … I remember to keep the ISO to around 1/200 sec – and although I was able to get the background right, the depth of field was way to shallow… there is hardly anything on the right focal plain.

I then experimented increasing the depth of field,narrowing the aperture – this meant that less light got onto the camera sensor – so I had to turn up the lighting – I am sure there is an accurate way of doing this, but as first attempt … I just experimented. I think this one look much better.

ISO 100, F15, 1/250 sec
ISO 100, F15, 1/250 sec – studio lights

The final shot, I decided to go in close… I added a fine mist of water which I sprayed onto the flowers so that they would catch the light and closed in… again I had to alter the lights, the foreground light I made wider by opening the umbrella more as otherwise the plant was too dark.  I think this would make a great product shot!

ISO100, F9, 1/250 sec - Studio Lights
ISO100, F9, 1/250 sec – Studio Lights