Day 86 – Trapped with the enemy of time.

#Remarkable2015Emma’s challenge this week is:  “I want you to tell stories, create emotions and to speak through your photography.”  This sounds really daunting,  every photo you take communicates something or can create an awareness of an issue, and I have already discovered that through sharing my images with others.  Emma went on to say “decide one thing that you want to communicate. It might be an emotion tied to an abstract photograph, or the feeling you are experiencing at a particular time or in a particular place. You could tell a story, your own or someone else’s. You can try taking a photograph that would speak to everyone, or just to one person.”

This is my photo “Trapped – with the enemy of time….”

Trapped - with the enemy of time....
Trapped – with the enemy of time….

My journey in photography, my journey through life is influenced by those around me.

I love being outside, taking landscape photos, discovering nature, noticing changes that appear over time, I am more aware of the natural world, the seasons and how life just seems to move on as I am feel I have no control over time… time constantly moves on, the clock is ticking but at times we are trapped by our own circumstances.

We live our lives thinking that the worse will never happen, that we will go on forever and I know that is not true – we all have a certain amount of time on this earth and all we can do is live it, experience it and operate the best way we can without wasting it. We all make decisions that suit us at that moment, but we don’t always think of the impact of those decisions on others. Others make decisions and we have to compromise our own  – we become trapped by the situation. We don’t know and understand the value of time and freedom until it is stolen from us or we trapped by circumstances.

Time can be stolen in different ways:

  • My Aunt, very unwell in hospital, the outlook is not great – but she has had 76 amazing years in this world, she has 3 beautiful daughters and 2 amazing grandson’s, she was an evacuee in the war, she was of the generation where her elder brother went off to Uni, and she stayed at home to help support the rest of the family – she is one of 7 siblings, yet as a single mum of three she found her own way, and helped all of her children reach their dreams. She is a crafter – she has always sewed, baked and nurtured in her family, passed on her skills to others, been active in the community and has always been there when she is needed, until a couple of weeks ago she was still working, baking and caring.
    Time seems to be running out for her …. she is trapped in a body that is not working well. The family are trapped by the current circumstance. Update: her time has passed – she will be missed! 
  • My cousin, is wishing time away … she is at the most exciting time of her life, she is counting down the days the moment, until the bump she is now carrying because a baby – and she becomes a mum, the time to become a mum has been incredibly slow and difficult for her, it has not been easy for her to become a mum but now it has happened she is excited and can’t wait to meet the new family member.
    Time does not seem to pass soon enough…. but she has trapped by circumstances along the way.
  • My son, has a rare episodic condition where time passes him by – he just is unable to participate in life like everyone else,  he has no control over that time when he is unwell, he is trapped in a bubble, in his own world where time has stopped and stood still. The world moves on – people die, babies are born… and he can miss it cause he is trapped in his own bubble.
    Time waits for no man …. there is no answer, no solution and he is trapped in his own “normality”.

When my son is unwell he needs 24/7 care – so although he is trapped in his own bubble, we – his family are there with him – it is mainly me – his mum… so therefore time stops to a certain extent for me too … I am trapped in that bubble too where time stands still, you are an onlooker, unable to participate fully.

Trapped – with the enemy of time….

Photo Details: 17-70mm lens, tripod, focal length 50mm, ISO 100, F6.3, 1/160sec – camera focused on the glass sphere, I them tried to get myself into the shot and used a remote release to take the photo. It was then edited to remove me from the background by merging with another photo.


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