Day 140 – Birthday Scrabble

Two birthdays in our household today… hard to believe my twins are “sweet 16” so to celebrate I made them their own birthday messages using scrabble letters … and that was harder than you think – as I had to take more than one shot and merge them together in photoshop as our scrabble box did not contain all the letters I needed.

PhotoChallenge-studio-5669-Edit-24 PhotoChallenge-studio-5668-8

I also decided that it would be a good time to experiment with other scrabble messages too… which I will use to spread happy messages to friends and family. It was important though to

  • Make sure all the letters were in focus … I did not always succedd and should have chosen a smaller aperature,
  • To make sure you don’t move the lens or the letters if you have to merge letters together
  • Random letter direction is never really random…
  • Some words are too long ….
  • It is hard to balance enough space with too little space.

Then for fun I played around with photoshop and some balloons and created this brithday message – much more colourful and I think I prefer it…

16th Birthday balloons
16th Birthday balloons