Day 154 – Polarising Filter

Recently on a forum I follow I was asked if I had a polarising filter… I do. I have a Hoya Pro Digital Circular PL which is 72m and therefore can be screwed on the end of my Sigma 18-250mm lens. I rarely use it … as I have not really seen the advantage of doing so, although I had been lead to believe they make the sky bluer or remove reflections….

It is apparently one of the most useful filters you can own … see this article, which I searched out and found after today’s photo taking excercise, pretty sure I did not do that the right way round!

So today I put this filter on the end of the lens, and experimented … I wish I had brought a tripod once I decided to compare multi shots but turn the polarising filter and retaking the same picture… but I didn’t.

Polarising Filter - Stream
Polarising Filter – Stream

In this photo the sky looks almost a similar colour, but on the left there is more blue reflected from the sky in the shallow water, and on the right you can see more of the mud under the water.

Polarising filter - water & windows
Polarising filter – water & windows

Above the sky and water are different colours… but it is the windows on the boat that I see the most amount of difference – on the left you can see through the boat on the right you can see the colours of the polarisation effect.

Polarising lens – Looking at the sky

Above is a very bland photo, but on the left the greens appear darker and the sky much bluer – the whole picture lacks interests and feels flat … but there is a definite colour difference.

Whilst the filter was still on the camera I noticed some lovely reflections in the water … it was quite a shady spot, and I capture the image here… but moving the filter resulted in a longer shutter speed, I was on aperture priority and the following shot was blurred. If I read the article I suggested above before I went out – I would have known that and would have taken a tripod.

Reflections in the water
Reflections in the water

My final shots from today, were just moments captured …Below – me 🙂 The filter makes my lens look very dark, I have got some lens flare …but this road side mirror just inspired me to capture the moment … I had not realised how wide an angle they could capture … almost a fish eye effect I think!

More reflections of me
More reflections of me

In the above shot, the reflection is bluer, the greens are brighter and reflecton is clear.  According to the fore mentioned article “for the greatest impact try to keep the sun at 90° to you (ie to your side – not at your back and not shooting into the sun). This will help your polarizer to have the greatest effect”, I did not know this before I took either shot

Reflections of me
Reflections of me

A different angle, no lens flare but the filter does not really get a chance to work – although this time the mirror is not broken. The colour is not as strong … to get the filter to work, I have to angle myself better for the filter – something else to consider.

My final photo with the filter on today … photography is about capturing moments… and this shot made me smile … a herd of cows grazing on the lawn of a lovely house – I am sure the filter helped make the greens look greener! I shall have to experiment with it more often

Cows and a Stately Home
Cows and a Stately Home