Day 162 – 8 weeks

Another opportunity to shoot babies … Baby Freddie is now 8 weeks old – this time in my lounge set up us a mini home studio … this made it much easier for me to work as I was able to control the lighting, background and warmth more … mum provided some of the props and I provided some too… I am really pleased with the variety of images I captured. Equipment included:

  • LED light
  • Off camera flash and window light
  • White balance card
  • ISO as low as possible
  • Shutter speed at least 1/250 sec
  • Hats, blankets, scarves, skirting board, fleece throws, wallpaper backing

I can’t wait till next time. RenoufDesign--4 RenoufDesign--2 RenoufDesign--5 RenoufDesign-7934 RenoufDesign-7920 RenoufDesign-7895 RenoufDesign-7911 RenoufDesign-7934RenoufDesign-7809 RenoufDesign-7774 RenoufDesign-7779