Day 164 – Star Trails – Chasing the Dark (part 3)

Off in our campervan for a few days… and from our camp site location … we have wonderful dark skies – so I am going to have another go at star trails.

My settings

  • F8 – I was not sure… and I choose this as mid range … lesson learnt, I should have remember it was a wide aperature – F3.5 would have been better
  • A tripod and shutter release
  • A camper van … I set the camera up inside the camper pointing at the hills beyond…. the star trails were dependent on my view – and the camper windows…

Star Trails another attempt

What I discovered

  • Take waterproof cover for the camera … if I am ever going to lay in the camper and try and sleep with the camera going off every 30 sec from 11.30pm till 3.02 am to get one picture … remind my not too…. grubby dogs, grumpy me and grumpy hubby in the morning!!
  • The position of the stars is essential to make the shot interesting… this is so boring and not worth the grumpy individuals
  • Wide Aperture is essential!
  • Winter is much better than summer… it is nearly the longest day and it takes forever to get dark.