Day 167 – Isle Of Purbeck – A few days away – 4

Another coastal and scenic walk… how do you know when to stop walking though and excepted that there might be a great view round the corner… but if you keep walking forever your legs will wear out!

These are just a random selection of shots that I selected from today’s walk, the polarising filter was on my lens, and I had my Sigma 18-250mm lens on camera. We climbed up and down as we explored the view.


I love the circular bay below and the colour of the sea … the white sailing boat adds a sense of scale and tranquility to the image.


The views from the cliff top were stunning… it was such a lovely walk… and we were lucky that the skies had puffy white clouds adding interest to the photo. Including my hubby and photo buddy gives the image a real sense of scale which it would otherwise lack.



I had hoped for fields of red poppies in Dorset… but i was not to be … I spotted one on the cliff top – I gentle poppy battling against the elements, much like the soldiers on the battle fields which we remember with the poppy… so I took the opportunity to capture it there with the sea and cliffs in the background, trying to emphases it’s importance to the scene.


The cliffs were made from huge chunks of rocks… the people in the background here, once again help show how impressive the landscape was.




We made it down to sea level… the photo buddies had a swim… the polarising filter enables me to see right under the water and it enable me to capture the scene from a totally different angle. I have had a lovey adventure and can’t wait to go exploring again!


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    1. I tend to do some basic editing in Lightroom – normally straighten, clairty, tweak the histogram to bring back the shadows and then a touch of sharpening as all images are taken in raw.

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