Day 189 – Poppies and file recovery

I found some poppies 🙂

I have been looking for poppies for a while and I go lucky today – I was hoping for a field of poppies, instead I got a small page of wild flowers which included poppies alongside a main road.

I am though gutted – I have posted the jpg version of the files … I took them in raw as normal and then deleted them, before I took them off the memory card… my camera has two memory cards – the second one saves a low quality jpg … so that is all I had. I am going to look at Raw file recovery and see if I can rescue them… but for now I can only show the jpgs!

So important lesson … don’t format your memory card if you have not removed all the images you want from it. I am still cross when I think about how stupid I was to do this!

And amazingly that programme worked. I was able to recover all the raw files from the formatted compact flash drive and then edit them as normal in camera raw… it was only the last set of photos that were recovered though… and not the ones I photographed before that … so I was lucky I had not taken any more images yet. Below is an image that I have edited in Lightoom from the raw file.

Recovered Raw file image edited in Lightroom.
Recovered Raw file image edited in Lightroom.