Day 217 – 1 day 12 photos

On the 1st Saturday or each month there is an Instagram challenge to post 12 photos, 1 taken every hour on one day – I always thought is was impossible, but on the 1st August I gave it a go… I am behind posting as I have been away… but on the 1st of August I set the timer on my iPhone to go off every hour, and at that point I had to take one photo.

I was spending the day traveling… the plan was to drive 261 miles, stop off at various points on the way… so it would be interesting to see a snap shop of my day, cause the finished images are to go on my Instagram page – they are all square cropped.


PhotoChallenge-IMG_0089-2PhotoChallenge-IMG_0090-3 PhotoChallenge-IMG_0091-4PhotoChallenge-IMG_0092-5 PhotoChallenge-IMG_0093-6 PhotoChallenge-IMG_0095-7 PhotoChallenge-IMG_0096-8PhotoChallenge-IMG_0097-9PhotoChallenge-IMG_0099-10PhotoChallenge-IMG_0100-11 PhotoChallenge-IMG_0101-12

We have a long drive in our camper van, we stopped for walks, met up with friends, drove, drove and drove some more, enjoyed a beach and then spent the evening with more friends. I was glad to be able to create a snapshot of such an interesting day.

1 day 12 photos
1 day 12 photos

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    1. Thanks for the suggestion…
      The object was not to record the location just the moment … but I plan to explain more about some of the locations soon.


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