Day 226 – Wild Flowers and Lavender

I am trying to visit different places to take photos to discover more about what I enjoy photographing, and one of the places that i have been wanting to visit for a while is the New Forest Lavender Tea Rooms – what an amazing place – I just wish I had discovered in sooner. It is a delight for photographers, wildlife lovers and tea drinkers.

There is only a small area that has lavender, and you can not wander amongst it, but their beautiful gardens are laid out to offer quiet spots to enjoy a cream tea or two, in the summer sunshine. There is also a small area of wildflowers which you can explore – which I just loved – such delicate wild flowers and vibrant colors, and all they ask is for a small donation of a £1 – well worth it. I recommend staying long enough to enjoy a cream tea with a delightful warm scone, lashings of jam and clotted cream, and watching the insects buzzing around the flowers and the birds peeking in and out of the plants. A wonderful place to relax.

The hard part of the visit was leaving, it is such a beautiful tranquil spot to enjoy a lovely fragrant cup of tea on a summer’s day… and if only I had known about all those wild flowers and poppies earlier in the year… And of course choosing one or two photos to share today. I would love to go back with my 100mm macro lens and explore some more.


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