Day 257 – New Forest 10k

Yesterday I was suppose to run the New Forest 10k, as part of my training for the South Run – which I plan to do in October to raise awareness for my son’s medical condition … but I could not run – I have been in pain in my left calf for about three weeks now and running is therefore not an option. I am disappointed – but it meant that yesterday I was able to attend the event for the very first time as a spectator — I have never watched a running event before… so I waited at the finish line to capture three of my friends run their own race instead.


My husband – who has now completed his 5th 10k event (he has now run the same number as me), my friend Anne, who inspired me to loose weight – although she did not realise it at the time and whom I encouraged to run in her first 10k event (she has also signed up for a 10 mile event) and my 16 year old daughter who ran her very first 10k … having only found at on Friday that she could have my place … and who had only run 5k before.

They did amazing.

We are collecting sponsors – so would love some donations: so if you have enjoyed reading my blog and seeing my photos … I would love it if you can help us reach our target!

Camera settings – I choose to freeze the action, I had the camera focusing on the person within the focal points, but it wasn’t easy – I wanted to be able to see the runner, to make eye contact with them and make sure I spotted them among the 4,500 runners…. at the end of the day I was delighted I had spotted all three of them as they approached the finish within about 7 minutes of each other.


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