Day 275 – Photo Exhibtion

Yesterday, I spent the day at a photo exhibition, I enjoyed three seminars aimed at photographers and got to look at and handle a huge variety of presentation material – it was really informative day – there was lots of information that I took away with me and lots of friendly photographers to talk too.

I picked up lots of new tips

  • A great way to set a white balance
  • Details of outsourcing
  • Reasons why one photographer shot jpg and another raw
  • Reasons why one photographer used a flash and one didn’t
  • It was great to see images projected with an calibrated projector and that were not produce with a camera competition in mind but the buying public
  • I brought some new paper, a new reflector and have a wish list of presentation material …
  • I have come away feeling inspired.

Photo Exhibtion

PhotoChallenge-RoseBowl-8526-2 PhotoChallenge-RoseBowl-8527-3 PhotoChallenge-RoseBowl-8532-4

Attending an exhibition on my own would have been totally out of my comfort zone a year ago – today I sat with people, I found out about their camera, what photos they liked to take, I asked questions and I found out information. I picked up products to see what they felt like in my hand and I was intrigued to hear that not everything is quite as it seems. It was very interesting day!