Day 291 – The Wedding

When I started blogging a year ago I never thought I would have the opportunity to photograph a wedding, and let alone be the only photographer there – but I did. I attended Emma and Dean’s wedding on Friday, and will be sharing the photos today and tomorrow on my blog.

What an amazing experience!

I loved it. I was nervous at first … but meeting the groom who was equally nervous, made me realize I had only committed to take photos of the day, they were committing to a life time…  I had two camera bodies, 3 lens and I never used my tripod once … to move people around, to capture the relaxed shots I wanted meant I had to move my feet, talk to people and ask them to look at me, I introduced myself as the photographer, reminded myself they all knew the rules, to be photographed by me and actively encouraged people to get closer together.

I have read loads online about weddings and the key points to take forward are:

  • Know you camera so well it is automatic
  • Talk to the guests, make eye contact, ask and be assertive but don’t boss and stand your ground for the best slot
  • Check out the locations before hand if possible and be prepared to adapt to the situation
  • Keep the shutter speeds fast when working with natural light …. I stuck to Av mode most of the time for the ceremony shots as time is limited, there is little opportunity for mistakes
  • Learn the many characters of the wedding and focus on those
  • Formal shots – not to many, my bride had a long list – but it is hard to remember them and they are not the best images – people stand there cause they have to … I would much rather capture the moment.
  • Capture the details – the special moments that make it their wedding

Tomorrow … I will take you to the reception!


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