Day 296 – Shooting Wide in the Forest

Out in the New Forest – only one lens, a 16-35mm lens on a cropped sensor camera which gives me a focal length of between 25.6mm  and 56mm when compared to a full frame. The 35mm lens is great for portrait shots, but today I wanted to see what it was like on location, just looking at landscape.

ISO400, F7.1, 1/320sec
ISO400, F7.1, 1/320sec

I just love the autumn colours that are appearing – I choose to go close on the berry’s and make that my focal point, choosing a shallow depth of field so there is some unfocused foliage in the foreground leading you in and then the background is also blurred – you know just where to look.

ISO1600, F8, 1/40 sec - 23mm
ISO1600, F8, 1/40 sec – 23mm

I got down low and shot up in portrait mode to include the changing colour of the leaves, I had to lighten the forest floor slightly in lightroom to bring back the details. I really like the sense of scale that the lens gives. At ISO1600 – due to the shade, the picture is impressively sharp.

ISO2000, F6.3, 1/30sec - 16mm
ISO2000, F6.3, 1/30sec – 16mm

Looking through the trees there was a line of colour on the horizon – the autumn ferns. I capture them from the dark woodland, so a high ISO again, and this time I focused on the truck in the foreground to try and give depth to the image. I am not sure it worked.

ISO100, F9, 1/100 sec, - 16mm
ISO100, F9, 1/100 sec, – 16mm

Shooting at the wide end of the lens, I had to get close to the pony to capture it, but this meant I was able to capture the other ponies in the surrounding area – you can see how the lens distorts the near objects and makes them look much bigger but in this case I feel it draws you into the photograph too. Something to be aware of though if using the lens with people.

ISo100, F9, 1/160sec - 24mm
ISo100, F9, 1/160sec – 24mm

I zoomed in slightly, and the shot feels less wide which is interesting. It is also noticeable here what a difference in makes when the sun comes out – we now have harsh shadows on the ground and the greens are much brighter. Amazing how light changes an image.