Day 313- A beach hut or two….

Back to the seaside with a focus on beach huts today…. and sea side objects and a very similar walk to the one I took on Day 17. Even some of the images are similar, but it is interesting to see how my editing has changed over the year and what I am looking for in my compositions.

The buoys caught my eye last time too … but this time I have got much lower and used them to draw you into the image.  I still managed an odd number of buoys but this time they are presented totally differently and I feel that the image has more space.

Crab baskets and buoys - ISO500, F13, 1/40sec
Crab baskets and buoys – ISO500, F13, 1/40sec

Remember these this is the view from this side towards the headland – the sky was bleak, but a tiny bit of orange sun was highlighting the sky above the headland and I felt it added something to the image.

View to Hegisbury from this side
View to Hengisbury from this side

I just loved the pastel tones of this beach huts – I just wish they had the plinths at the bottom painted the same colour as the huts as it would make it much more pleasing on the eye – they really should think of the photographers when they build these …. I just like how the huts act as a leading line down the beach to the lone figure and headland beyond. Did you spot the photo buddies in shot too?

Pastel Beach Huts - ISO400, F13, 1/40sec
Pastel Beach Huts – ISO400, F13, 1/40sec

More beach huts – a great repeating pattern from the sand dunes along the promenade with lots of people enjoying the walk …the weather is changeable with a front coming in…. and I choose to get down low to create a really interesting angle. It is important to be aware of how the wide angle lens can cause the beach huts to lean slightly – but here I think it works.

Beach huts and dunes - ISO200, F13, 1/30sec
Beach huts and dunes – ISO200, F13, 1/30sec

More beach huts – this time a straight on shot – I focussed in on the beach hut with the sailing boats as it looked fun and was a variation from the others. and did a close letterbox crop to remove the foreground path. The sky away from the sea lacks interest and detail… but I think that helps draw your eye to the detail on the huts.

Decorated beach Hut – ISO320, F13, 1/30sec

My final image, the sand had been blown up to hide the path and with a very dark hedge behind you get a very different feel to the image above – the beach huts here look regulated. I have taken this into photoshop and combined it with the view behind me …  so the image no longer is a correct representation of what was there…. can you see how?

Interesting beach hut - ISo400, F13, 1/50sec
Interesting beach hut – IS0400, F13, 1/50sec