Day 316 – Revisiting Bokeh

I did an experiment with Bokeh … and I wanted to try again, today I was practicing my studio set up and wanted to see what would happen if I added Christmas Lights to the shot … due to space restrictions I was not able to get far enough back to add a foreground subject as I needed a good amount of depth between the two – but I was able to experiment with the boken shapes I made with my mum’s unusual shaped whole punches.

ISO100, F2.8, 1/30sec
ISO100, F2.8, 1/30sec

My set up was basic… see this terrible photo below…

  • low light from window
  • camera and nifty 50 lens on tripod in foreground
  • fairy lights strung up paper behind to make the background plain… the flash and softbox not required
  •  black filter cap with a whole in, over which I places numerous wholes – the cutters were something like these:
behind the scenes peak
behind the scenes peak

But the results are great.

I experiments in manual with the length of time the shutter was open and the size of the aperture – wide apertures worked best, the best effect was without a shape on the lens, just using the natural aperture … and around 1/160 – 1/100 sec worked well for the timing without letting in any extra light, altough the green and blue lights were stronger in colour for the camera to pick up.


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