Day 319 – Finished products

Taking photos is one thing, creating pictures and memories and delivering them to clients in another, and rather than working hard at taking photos today I am busy looking at creative solutions that will deliver to potential clients. During my journey this year I have discovered so much about photography and the work that is put into creating shots that I want to be able to offer people high quality images and memories from the photos I take.

I have been experimenting with:

  • Different web sites to create a better online presence
  • Looking at different outlets to sell my images
  • Looking at how to store digital images and to pass them onto a client – concerned though that they will never print them, and in the future years never look back and remember
  • I have been looking at different print labs and the services they offer
  • I have even been getting products printed on a variety of mediums…
A USB to treasure
A USB to treasure
A keepsake album of images
A keepsake album of images

Time has run away with me … so today’s photo show possibilities… how would you prefer your images delivered?

  • An online gallery – where you can choose your images, order direct from my professional lab and the size you choose and where you can clearly see the prices, or you can opt for digital downloads – but only for the images you love
  • An album of images from the shoot, preselected by the photographer as a recollection of the experience
  • A USB to pop in your drawer and to look at in your own time…

I would love to hear your comments… what do you think? If you are a photographer how do you deliver?