Day 322 – Achieve the impossible

Today I have gone online to blog and it is different – word press has had an update and my blogging page looks different behind the scenes and it made me feel slightly uncomfortable – the familiar had changed… but then I realised that it was just a small change and I would soon find my way round…

But change is good…

I am reading a book at the moment by Alexandra Heminsley – “Running like a Girl”, and she looks a bit at the history of woman’s running, she goes onto explain that in 1966 Roberta Gibb applied to run the Boston marathon, and was told women were not capable of that under international sport rules… she did it anyway she was not recorded in the record books but as she was an official participant but she did it and her thinking was that “if women can do the impossible, what else could women do? What else can people do that is thought impossible?”

Running was impossible for me 2 years ago, thanks to Roberta Gibb achieving the impossible I recently ran a 10 mile event! My impossible.. and with that in mind I achieved my impossible – I explored some of the sights in London on foot on my own and did not get lost!

I actually had an amazing time – I loved going where my camera took me, I loved exploring what interested me and I even spoke to Londoners! Did it go to plan – not completely… but I had an amazing time…  I achieved an impossible – I could never imagined exploring the sights and sounds of London on my own… but I did and I so glad I did… to the fact that I want to go again!

I could not choose which photos to share… so I have chosen a selection, I have edited them in Lightroom with slightly more punch than normal and I think it really works for the city environment, I also edited up either taking photos with a Christmas theme, or of Remembrance. I also remember to try different angles, to look up and down and try and capture images that would be mine.



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