Day 329 – Commercial Shoot

The other day I was working alongside local New Forest make up artist Louise Audrey with the idea that I would capture her at work – and she made up a stunning model.
The idea of the shoot was to:

  • Capture Louise at work
  • Capture an example of bridal make up
  • Capture the mother of the bride
  • Capture a party / going out look
  • As well as the fun of having your make up done by a professional and giving a sense of place/location to the images – a home setting or outdoor location rather than a studio feel.

There are more examples from the photoshoot over at RenoufDesign.

The weather was not on my side for today’s shoot – with bland skies outside and lots of rain, but the inside location that we had available was amazing and with the use of a couple of speed lites I was able to change the mood of the images, create day into night and add atmosphere to the shots, however Louise knew the venue – I didn’t which made it tricky as I did not know what space was available to use, and she had already set started before I arrived so was not set up in the best location for photographs.

As a photographer I need to be aware of the space I am going to use and set up in it correctly if I am taking portfolio shots, if it is quick on location images to create atmosphere of the day… then the set up is different.

This session also highlighted to me a few issues and have I researched further:

  • If the photographer calls the photo shoot – offers the makeup artist and the models photos /opportunity to buy photos that the photographer is the client and directs the shot and sees what is suitable. The photographer suggests clothes, look etc…
  • If the model calls the photo shoot – she may book a make up artist (free or paid) and a photographer (paid or swap images for time – and may negotiate terms with the photographer for the make up artist) – the number of images / prints should be agreed before hand.
  • If the make up artist calls the photo shoot – she may over a free makeover for the model, or pay her – and then she pays the photographer or negotiates time for images – if she has certain images in mind or a style she should share them before hand to see whether the photographer can achieve that look, but be flexible due to location changes.

It also highlighted that communication is essential – what the make up artist is looking for is great make up – which after the shoot I discovered was more soft than the style I portrayed, she preferred the images that she took …  I was looking to create images I could include in my portfolio as I had offered to do the photo shoot, and was trying to include atmosphere, the sense of location and a story within each picture for the person viewing the images to relate too. This lead me to doing more research online and asking for advice and in this case my lens was too high quality and sharp and although I can and have soften the skin in my images … it is the quality that stands out….