Day 336 – A few days away part II

Chimping photos helps you see whether the photos you take are the ones that you want to use, the ones that look right and tell the story that you want to tell…. after looking at part I of my photos I realised:

  • I loved the photos were I had shot low, and got on to the Seals eye level
  • I liked images were there was plenty of space and it was not so crowded with people and I did not want to fight for my shot… it felt unnatural
  • But I knew if I went home now I would be happy

However it is great to know the local area and to get some knowledge of a local person… this to me highlighted the importance if you have limited time – a photo guide is a great idea… anyway my friend suggested I try a different location and I was totally blown away…

We were still behind the barriers – there for our protection and the seals, but we had the spot to ourselves, and although we were loosing light I was able to capture some amazing moments.

What an incredible place – I was determined to come back in different light, before it was time to travel home – but so far I had captured all ages of pup, sadly a dead pup and a battle …. wow!