Day 356 – The best camera ever

When I started my journey this year I thought getting a better camera would make me a better photographer… I never imagined what I could learn along the way, I wanted to recreate images that I had seen other people take so assumed I needed to know what camera they used what lens they had, what their shutter sped, ISO and aperture were and with the right ingredients I too could achieve that amazing image.

What is the best camera ever?

It could be a stated of the art full frame camera with an “L” series lens, it could be a crop DSLR, a mirrorless camera, a point in shoot or simply your phone. If you have left the camera at home, if you forget your memory device, have not changed your battery etc – then you miss the moment and you can never recreate it … so my conclusion is that the best camera really is the one you have with you at the moment.

Having the latest camera with the latest lens does not mean anything if you never utilise its ability…  if you  just rely on the camera to take the photo for you… if you are terrible at composition, you can not see the light miss the moment cause you do not know who to capture that moment correctly. You can study other photographers, you can try and work out the story that they want to share through their images but by looking at the image you do not know what camera they used to capture that image unless they choose to tell you.

There is a great article here … what kind of camera and I agree it is a great opening question, and I now love to talk to other photographers – it works well as an ice breaker… but it does not define my photos …

This photo is terribly, it is grainy, the ISO to too high, the detail is lost – but it was the only way I could share this moment. I would have loved to have a better camera with me … I didn’t yet I was still able to capture the evening light….

Iphone Image

So my conclusion is

The best camera ever is the camera you have with you at that moment to capture that second in time.


Iphone Image

5 thoughts on “Day 356 – The best camera ever

  1. Well, regardless of the “best camera” you’re using, I’ve always loved your blog and your photos since I’ve been following you! You have a wonderful talent, and I’m thankful that you are sharing it with us! Merry Christmas, my friend!


    1. Merry Christmas… I am afraid in 2016 there will not be so many blogs – I want my life back!
      But I really appreciate that you have taken time to read and regularly comment – it makes writing my ramblings so worth while!

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      1. After your “365 Theme” this past year, I can only imagine you are tired and “want your life back”! You’ve had a heck of a year! :^)


    1. Thank you for the comment. Glad you have enjoyed my musings … I hope I make it to the end of the year … posts will be less often next year but I am still going post… thanks for following!


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