Year Two (01) – Lovely Light at the Beach

I missed blogging, I have not yet made it to the end of day 5 but I miss the purpose it brings to my photography… I like not having to take a photo, and not having to explain why I choose to share or experiment in that way… and out on the beach today I found myself thinking what great light… I want to share it …

So this is the first of my year two posts… I have signed up for Emma’s new challenge – #AYearWithMyCamera, which will no doubt be influencing some of my images… and I have started playing with some of the new equipment I got for Christmas … I have had a tidy up of the blog and I am just going to see how it goes.

I have a freshly calibrated and better monitor (discovered hubby’s was better quality than mine so swapped!) for editing… and I am all set for 2016.

Today I was at the beach – in the afternoon light with my tripod…  and a set of filter rings my son brought me for Christmas… they were a random item I had popped onto my Christmas list … and they are so useful I wish someone had suggested them years ago!

The rings enable me allow my nd400 filter which is only 72mm to be screwed onto the front of my 16-35mm 2.8 lens which has an 82 mm thread … and because it is a crop sensor lens I don’t get any vignetting.  The light was perfect… and these are selection of my images which have been enhanced in lightroom.

The start of my walk… just look at that amazing light…

Cliff top view
Cliff Top View – two people overlooking the cliff and enjoying the afternoon sun. ISO200, F8, 1/250sec

My photo buddy on the beach… a fast shutter speed of 1/250 sec freezes him but still allows a little bit of movement on the sea … but look at that amazing sky.

Photo Buddy
Photo Buddy at the beach – ISO200, F8, 1/250sec

I walked down to the rocks at the end of the beach and was about to set up my tripod to start playing with the filter rinds and the sun shone out through the clouds and lit the beach with an amazing glow…  I have loads of sunflar – I was shooting right into the sun, I am amazed I did not burn out the highlights and I love it!

The Golden Sun – this moment was amazing and only lasted for a second or two… ISO200, F14, 1/160sec

The sun vanished and with the ND filter in place – I have an ND400, which means I need to focus and then add the filter to the lens… and I am able to turn the turbulent sea into a calm, milky foreground.

Evening Light
Using an ND filter to slow down the waves – ISO200, F14, 10sec

I was shooting on manual and it is quite hard to work out the shutter speed with the ND filter in place… at a 5sec exposure I was able to capture more detail in the water but it is purely down to timing!

Barton Rocks
Using an ND filter to slow down the water. ISO200, F14, 5sec

A change of view and more experiments with shutter speeds … A 10 second exposure and the exposure is about right.

Barton Groyne
One of the Groynes surrounded by water, ISO200, F14, 10sec

So I choose to lower the ISO to 100 and decrease the shutter speed to compensate, I have also increased the saturation of the blues in lightroom, but with a 20sec exposure you can behind to see the movement on the sky.

Barton Groyne
One of the Groynes surrounded by water, ISO100, F14, 20sec

Back to walking and moving my feet, without the filter, the images have less of a colour cast – so I think maybe next time I need to make sure I take a means of setting the white balance when the filter is in place. It is also fun to capture the movement of the sea and the waves breaking on the rocks!

A different view
A different view of the beach – ISO200, F13, 1/50sec

It is amazing how different the image is by changing the shutter speed and limiting the amount of light in the lens. I use to love using my ND filters, and I am delighted to be able to use them again thanks to the filter rings I now have.

Experimenting with ND filters... ISO200, F14, 10sec
Experimenting with ND filters… ISO200, F14, 10sec

The light was changing really quickly and the clouds were coming in, but I was keen to keep changing the foreground, keep setting up the tripod and experimenting with the filters to see if I liked the results.

ISO100, F14, 20sec - the movement of the sea with an ND400 filter in place.
ISO100, F14, 20sec – the movement of the sea with an ND400 filter in place.

I really think it is down to personal taste whether you like the scene as a frozen moment in time – below, or a softening of a long exposure… and both bring a completely different feel to the image despite identical editing!

Barton Sea
ISO100, F13, 1/20sec – the movement of the sea.

My final shot of the beach, it was nearly 4pm… I was suppose to be heading home for tea … I think it is was also time to clean my camera, wipe off the sea spray and head to the editing room…

The Sea Spray on the beach - ISO100, F2.8, 1/250sec
The Sea Spray on the beach – ISO100, F2.8, 1/250sec



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