Year Two (02) – My collection

The first challenge that Emma has set for the #AyearWithMyCamera project is to create a collection.

My first thought was dread … taking a photo and blogging about it everyday suddenly seemed easy as now I need to plan.. I need a theme, something that I can commit to and take a photo of regularly and then I began to think more about what I could I collect and how I could make it possible, bearing in mind that circumstances change throughout the year, sometimes I can go out, sometimes I can’t, sometimes I have more time for taking photos than other times, sometimes structure is great, other times I just want to capture the moment and enjoy it for what it is….

Then I thought maybe I am over thinking…

So I started listing ideas:

  • Seascapes – I like to visit the coast I can see how it changes during the year
  • The New Forest – A reason to explore regularly… but I don’t know if a collage of landscapes would work
  • Cars – I could take various ones, if I could not get out ones in my road would work… but I don’t think I would like the end project
  • Skyscapes – I could look up and photograph the sky, would be useful then to have a lot of sky background but I am not excited about it
  • An object – like a bear or a stone in various locations … there is not really a collection, and what if I loose the “object” or forget to take it with me
  • Food – great if I create a masterpiece… not if I don’t
  • Jars – I seem to have collected a few jars and containers over Christmas maybe I could be something with still life… expand an idea… but I don’t want a house full of junk!
  • Competition – what if other people doing the task capture something that is more interesting than my idea, how will I stay motivated if their collection is better / more interesting / more versatile….

Thinking about the subject is not working for me .. it is not about what other people create it is about what I create… so I am going to think about the details of Emma’s challenge, she wants photographers to have something to look for, to encourage me to see detail and where the opportunities are everywhere … and at the end of the collection / year to show off a collage.

For me the collage would be about the design, having it pleasing on the eye and having the images relate to one another … if I look back over the last year, the collages I created on oranges and on my photowalk for example were easier to put together when I took photos with the same dimensions…. so I am going to focus on a 1:1 square format – which means I may take the photos full size, but I only going to present square crops.

If I am going to collect anything and look for opportunities everywhere I don’t want to limit myself to a subject …  I want to be able able to take a photo where ever I am, what ever I am doing and think that is perfect for my collection… I don’t want to have to post – one photo a week, or one every day … I want to add to my collection as

So my collection will be:

  • 1:1 format
  • A collection of anything…  from landscape to macro, still life to action…

But I need a theme, Emma suggested doors, shoes, shadows, dogs, teacups, leaves, sunsets, trees, textures, flowers, selfies… but I don’t want to do those most of those are objects…. or object related… I want a combination of all of those things… so I think my conclusion has to be to create a collection of colour…. and see where it takes me…

The next dilemma is to choose a colour … I want a colour that is seen in nature, a colour that can be man made, a colour that I am drawn too…. I think red is great, but the colour of red is a bit of cliche, I like purple it is a nice calming colour, blue, green …. I am overthinking again….

I am going to do a collection of yellow. I am drawn to the light and the warmth it offers when I look down my hallway…. I suddenly realise a collection of yellow could offer many possibilities…

  • I found myself looking for light … sunshine is great light and can produce a golden haze
  • Flowers from daffodils to sunflowers, roses to daisies – yellow can pop up unexpectedly – yellow is in nature
  • Bananas, peppers, curry, milkshakes … yellow foods
  • Yellow cups, bottles and jars … I have not got any – but it is something I can look out for anywhere…
  • A quick search of yellow on google and there are so many options…
  • But most importantly for me yellow is the colour of hope, sunshine, happiness, the colour of summer, sunrises and sunsets are influenced by yellow a reminder that there is always a new day – yellow is the colour of spring, of new life – think baby chicks … it is the colour that chases away winter blues and is a colour associated with happiness.

I am now curious where this collection will go…

My collection of Yellow
My collection of Yellow

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