Year 2 (07) Live Bands

Old Bakery studio and a new challenge – a new venue, limited time, group shots and having to use flash… and a group of photographers who also want to get the shot! The aim of the evening’s activity was to capture some bands in a music studio – either posing for shots as a group or during their rehearsals.

The music was amazing! It was a privileged to go into the studio, be the only one in there and hear them practice – on the whole I opted to be portable and used my 28-300mm lens with my round flash attached so I could have soft even lighting and then I could add the edge in photoshop.

I decide that there was the perfect opportunity to use my design skills to… and I wanted to add something extra to each image or group of images I took – so when it came down to editing I decided to opt for a square crop, include the album name and imagine they are all album covers – so I had fun with fonts, colours, graphics and effects too.

Cool Grey 4 Promotion Images
Cool Grey 4 – Black and white

Above was captured in the studio setting with studio lights already set up – they were our first group and you suddenly realised how hard it was to put them into a small space – focusing issues became apparent, the size of the instrument as well as their own characters which I think I have managed to include.

I choose to edit in a strong black and white style – cause it was cool, modern, classic.

Cool Grey 4 – Smoke and Fire

Another pose, this time with some more editing in photoshop to draw attention to just two of the band mates – add some smoke and some fire and you have a totally different look!

Cool Grey 4 Promotion Images
The Cool Grey 4 – Coloured!

I choose to keep the studio light in the shot as I felt it added to the atmosphere, I also played around with the white balance to create a more edgy look – it is a band … band covers are all varied – this was the chance to experiment.

Robe and the Rebels
Rob and the Rebels – Head shots

Rob and the Rebels – a band with great personalities and who when I suggested they showed me their best side – showed me that backsides! They mentioned they wanted some head shots – so I thought I would pop them onto the album cover and edited them into their band name!

Robe and the Rebels
Rob and the Rebels – Resting

They were having fun, one of the other photographers suggested that the singer was lifted up – I took a shot, only looking at it afterwards did I realise that they is was perfect for lying on top of the band name – and then by merging the drummers tie into the writing, and adding some overlays the images gels together.

Robe and the Rebels
Individually unique – together a great sound!

Individual shots again – they were such a great group – and I wanted to highlight some of the work and energy that goes into making their songs happen – so we have music notes, song sheets blended together. It was great watching them practice.

Robe and the Rebels
In the rehearsal rooms

I was particularly pleased with this shot that I captured in the rehearsal rooms, I was experimenting with shutter speed – and wanted to capture the drum sticks in action, the concentration of his face and the essence of the studio hence the low angle of the shot.

The Murge
The Murge – panorama

The rehearsal rooms were small and sound proof – to capture the whole band practicing in a cycle was a real challenge – so I opted for a panorama – took 6 images around the room at the same depth of field and merged them in photoshop. I was surprised how well it worked.

I them added that to a plain white album cover, added the name of the band and the details of the band members.

The Murge
The Murge – Final Tour

Talking to these guys made me was great – they had great personalities and we willing to share something of themselves. They are in the UK, playing in Dorset in February – and that is their last UK gig for a while hence I dated the album cover – to make it more of a memento.

My final cover – below – one of the band members is leaving for Aus, so I took that as inspiration, I have merged a UK flag that I already had with an outline of Australia – added the band name and multiple images of the band having fun – definitely not something I can do in a regular studio session.

The Murge
22 / 366 – Ban Shoot and lots of editing

Further examples of the band’s PR shots can be discovered here:


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