Year Two – January

I am going to keep taking photos… but instead of blogging, I am going to share a photo from everyday I have managed to capture one or edited one throughout the month … add them to this blog whilst I can and share them on the last day of the month!

Limiting myself to just sharing one photo a day is much harder than I thought – I have to choose the best one for that day and although limiting myself gives me more time to edit, and allows me to develop a theme – it makes me think a lot more about the photo I want to share. Very much a new challenge!

This month has been amazing from fantastic design projects to working with inspiration music artists, photographing live music events, exploring the landscape and more …

One thought on “Year Two – January

  1. All the photos are absolutely beautiful! I really enjoy your talent, and appreciate you sharing it with all of us! You’re a great inspiration!


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