Year Two – February

One photo a day from February…. and what a variety … I am still blogging a lot more than I though I would be, but I am also experimenting more and trying new things in photography and in the software…

What I have realised this month is that I need to make time to photograph what I enjoy – and I enjoy capturing images that have meaning to me, that include something I see, something that makes them uniquely mine and although it is great to meet up with other photographers regularly – it is just as important if not more so to make time for my photographic ideas …

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Year Two (21)- Creative Advert Challenge

This week a challenge was posted on the Old Bakery photo group forum to find an advert online and then recreate in the studio with the help of free stock images, a little imagination and lots of enthusiasm. There was lots of discussion online but three of the images that were chosen for the evening were there:

Images found online that we hope to inspire us.
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Year Two (20) Something Different

Today I thought I would rise to a new challenge recently I have seen various images of Facebook and social media platforms that are gif’s and there forever have an element of animation – on further investigation I discovered the technique known as Cinemagraph – I found a helpful instruction movie and decided to give it a go…. Continue reading

Year Two (19) Coastal Sunsets

It was great to see Gavin Hoey share a video last weekend on creating sunsets in my home town – although the day he visited the sunset was somewhat lacking … but he offered a great reminder of how you can enhance them in Lightroom.

Gavin’s video in here: Gavin Hoey Sunset Video

All these images were captured the same evening….

Sunset at Highcliffe
Sunset at Highcliffe

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Year Two (18) Fun at the Beach

I got to go to the beach to catch the end of a Coastguard incident in action .. I was late on scene, do did not get the best photos of the event but it did mean that I unexpectedly found myself at the beach – so the perfect opportunity to take some photos.

Coastguard incident
Coastguard Incident at Highcliffe – Team Debrief

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Year Two (17) – Getting creative

I wanted to create a poster for the Old Bakery Studio group which showcased photography and perhaps inspired people to come along to the group… I wanted to use photographs to do it, and had the idea to include a variety of images from the members of the group and the subjects that we covered to showcase the diversity of the program.

I wanted to capture a modern frame to showcase the images, so I photographed this empty block frame in a variety of positions.

White photo Frame

The groups is known for its biscuits and cake … so taking inspiration from a camera biscuit tin I wanted to capture the images coming out of the tin… so first I had to take the image of the tin and of course include some photographers. Continue reading

Year Two (16) – Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day – a day for spending time with the people you love and the things you enjoy. The perfect icon image for Valentine’s day are roses, I was lucky enough to receive some, so it was time to take out my camera, set up a studio and have a go at some high key flower shots – my lens of choice was my Canon 24-70mm – my idea was to create a white background – and then experiment with depth of field using the zoom lens and the distance between the camera and the subject.

Valentines Roses - 47mm - ISO100, F6.3, 1/250sec
Valentines Roses – 47mm – ISO100, F6.3, 1/250sec

I had two off camera flashes – one to light the background and one to light the roses. Working in manual, once you have set up the lights for the studio situation – the lighting can remain constant as you move the camera within the space.  It was a challenge separating the white jug from the background – but in the shot above the green lengths seem to over power the delicate roses. Continue reading

Year Two (15) – Frogs and other reptiles

Another old bakery session, but this time with a twist – one end of the hall was set up with a tether computer, studio lights and props and my end of the hall – I shared the space with John – where we were using glass, speedlites and some natural props I had round up from home.

I had talked to John prior to the shot and I wanted to capture the top and bottom of the frog at the same time… I had an idea to photoshop it together with another image – but that did not get taken…. but I still wanted to experiment and understand more about light. I actually found myself using my light meter successfully to help set the shot up and aim for a variety of experimental looks.

Tree Frog on Glass
Tree Frog on Glass

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Year Two (14) – Why photography matters

The Firs

Every business sells itself by the impression it makes to its customers. The first impression that potential customers say is often the online presence – a great web site has to be designed to be mobile friendly, to be SEO and to look great and the first impression starts with the initial image.

I was asked to take some photos today of a self catering property in the New Forest to replace their old images online. Continue reading