Year two (10) – Live Bands

I was asked to shoot a promotional video for a fantastic up and coming band for them to send off to Jooles Holland – and had a fantastic evening with both my DSLR camera’s – one set up for still images and the other for video. The sound track was to be added later in full stereo from the mixing desk!

Coldplace live at Mrkyps
Live Music photography and video

I can’t share the videos here… so I have uploaded them onto my main site, along with the fantastic stills that I took – why not check them out here:

It was an amazing experience, there was a couple of other photographers and videographers that I knew – so we were all looking for the best shot and the right angle and there was so much to consider…. I have put some pointers at the bottom of the post… but these are some of my favorite images:

Videoing you need to be aware of:

  • The record time of the camera before it overheated
  • Ensuring the sound was controlled (on canon you need to aim for around 12!)
  • Selecting the depth of field and the ISO that would work, I wanted a creative feel so chose a wider aperture.
  • You had to either know the music or predict where the action was
  • You also had to keep the film running for the whole track, so you had to be as smooth as possible zooming, moving and focusing!

Photography you need to be aware of:

  • Using the back lighting to my advantage
  • How to get the best out of the camera in changing light and again predicting where the “moment” happened
  • Regular chimping – to ensure the images were right
  • Capturing the mood, scale and the atmosphere of the live gig
  • Potential hazards – wires and cables behind the scenes, people who had drunk too much, the security of my kit, not interrupting the gig and staying in the background as well as photography hazards – such as microphones sticking out of heads etc…

Can’t wait for my next shoot and photography challenge!