Year Two (13) – 1 day 12 photos

On the first of Saturday of the month there is the #1day12photos challenge on Instagram, I have done it before but today I thought I would try it with a twist … on my must do list was the followings tasks:

  • Experiment with my 100mm macro lens before my next macro studio session
  • Use my photography friends – I recently discover noch and wanted to compare them to my hornby version…
  • Experiment with one flash
  • On camera culling.

So today I decided to tackle all four, every shot was taken with a photographer in shot, with flash – actually on my dining room table in the same lighting conditions, so I had to use the flash – with my 100mm lens and I was going to cull on camera so I only had 12 shots to edit and upload!

The results of my challenge is this image:

12 photos 1 day

I could have left the post there … but I decide to show you each photo in detail and explain why….

ISO100, F6.3, 1/200 - flash bounced on ceiling,
ISO100, F6.3, 1/200 – flash bounced on ceiling,

Flash on camera bounced on the ceiling .. this is my computer keyboard to represent the editing process of today – it was a challenge not to blow out the highlights of the white numbers and keep the detail on the keys.

Poached egg! - ISO200, F6.3m 1/200, flash bounced
Poached egg! – ISO200, F6.3m 1/200, flash bounced

Another bounced flash – my breakfast – the white’s are not really white enough, it is poorly exposed and I have lost detail in the photographer….  however I love the close up of the egg… and the fact that his feet are sinking in… you are left wondering what it is he is photographing…. flash wise would have been better to use off camera and light the photographer!

ISO1600, F11, 1/30sec - Iphone
ISO1600, F11, 1/30sec – Iphone

This was tricky… have you tried taking a photo of an LED screen, they often go black, but uping the ISO, dragging the shutter (slowing it down) – I was able to increase the ambient light … the flash enable me to freeze any movement – I was hand holding … and the narrow aperture increases the depth of field so you can read more of the text. I think it is odd how the photographer looks like he is floating.

ISO100, F7.1, 1/200sec
ISO100, F7.1, 1/200sec

A different photographer … this time she was preparing for a macro shot – this tiny flower is on a marble chopping board – a much shallower depth of field and you can see how quickly the focus drops off when working close to the subject – it is really obvious in this image.

The flash for this was bounced of the ceiling and you can see how it has created a shadow under the flower and the photographer.

Angles mater, ISO100, 1/200sec F7.1
Angles matter, ISO100, 1/200sec F7.1

Jammy Dodger? This photo was taken with the same photos as the shot above – but a different composition – angles really do matter, and you can see how shallow the depth of field is – the flash is not as obvious as is it more of an angle bouncing more behind me – but you can see all the rough texture in the photographer!

ISO100, F14, 1/200 off camera flash
ISO100, F14, 1/200 off camera flash

I raided my son’s room and thought a circuit board would make a great image … off camera flash to the side and the back of the photographer – you can see her legs reflected back onto the box behind her. The flash is on low power, and it is amazing how you can control what the light does.

Off Camera Flash - ISO100, F6.3, 1/320 sec
Off Camera Flash – ISO100, F6.3, 1/320 sec

Another bedroom raid and this time the lego is alarmed! A shallow depth of field enables me to focus on the photographer, the flash is on a diagonal in line with the photographer – you can see where with the elbow shadow and then the pot of the wall behind… with the shadow length increasing as it gets further away from the light.

ISO400, F5.6, 1/20sec
ISO400, F5.6, 1/20sec

This was a challenge – taken in day light … I wanted the lights to be lit up – so needed a longer shutter speed, the photographers were in mainly ambient light – so I added some off camera flash to those and a shallow depth of field was fine as I was further back and everything was on a similar plain.  The flash though almost missed the photographer hiding in the “O”.

Side lit - ISO100, F6.3, 1/20sec
Side lit – ISO100, F6.3, 1/20sec

A strong side light and the photographer could be captured in the light from a lighthouse at the coast … watching to see the rescue taking place … or it could just be a toy landrover coastguard truck to mark the week landrover are no longer being produced – this pop was raided from my hubby!

The depth of field there – really is too shallow and looks unnatural …

Sense of scale, direct flash - ISO100, F6.3, 1/20sec
Sense of scale, direct flash – ISO100, F6.3, 1/20sec

This time I remembered I had blogged before about the sense of scale – add a lolly pop and you can see just how small the people are. The white is distracting and almost burns out in contrast to the black background but you can tell it was lit from the front, as a shadow falls on the dungarees of the Hornby figure and on the shirt of the Noch photographer.

The two different make figures are similar sizes – but the Noch characters have a met finish and are less reflective when photographing… did you know that?

It also highlights where I focus along the focal plain is essential … as in this shot with a shallow depth of field both figures are near enough in focus.

In the money - ISO100, F14, 1/100sec
In the money – ISO100, F14, 1/100sec

The coins were tricky, adding a reflective surface meant that the light was bounced around more – a narrower aperature and I should have more in focus. This has led me going off into researching more about focusing this lens.

There is a great post here: 100mm macro lens – that talks about how this lens works on a crop sensor camera, so it works like a 160mm lens on my crop sensor, I never realised though I could go up to F32 on this lens and how sensitive this lens was when working close up.  In my next macro session I need to increase those F numbers.

My final photo – a high key shot – the light off to the right lighting the back board and alling slightly on the apple so there is a dramatic shadow to the left – the apples over exposed, the top character is at the wrong angle – he looks unnatural and I wanted another flash … to get the background white I really need a second flash to light my subject – I couldn’t use the same flash for both….

Something for next time!

On the whole though I am delighted with these 12 photos – why cause it shows how much I am beginning to understand about lighting, about macro and how noticing what to improve in an image can only improve my photography if I implement the ideas!

ISO200, F14, 1.200 sec - background change
ISO200, F14, 1.200 sec – background change

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