Year Two (20) Something Different

Today I thought I would rise to a new challenge recently I have seen various images of Facebook and social media platforms that are gif’s and there forever have an element of animation – on further investigation I discovered the technique known as Cinemagraph – I found a helpful instruction movie and decided to give it a go….

Lymington Quay

I choose a street first and it did not work – the street was too busy and when I finally found a segment that was quiet so I could loop the footage – there was only one person…  hence he keeps reappearing. There was nothing that I could freeze in the animation as the moving items walked past each other. It was a great lesson in choosing the location and perhaps in a busy scene is really difficult to do well – too ambitious on a first attempt.

Lymington Quay

Second attempt – again the foreground is a bit too busy – but I was able to freeze the foregound and the train cross the bridge .. I really think it plays on your mind where something that travels fast – the train is frozen yet when you look at the image the swan is cleaning itself in the moving water beyond.

To make the file size manageable though it is really essential to use only a tiny video clip – and if the details is too far away, your eye may miss it.

Boat on the Quay

My third attempt, a boat on the quay side, I zoomed in more as I spotted the ensign moving and think it works really well – with cinemagraph I think the simpler the movement the more it works – and I also think it really captures the viewers attention.

What do you think? Have you a cinemagraph image you can share below.


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