Year Two – February

One photo a day from February…. and what a variety … I am still blogging a lot more than I though I would be, but I am also experimenting more and trying new things in photography and in the software…

What I have realised this month is that I need to make time to photograph what I enjoy – and I enjoy capturing images that have meaning to me, that include something I see, something that makes them uniquely mine and although it is great to meet up with other photographers regularly – it is just as important if not more so to make time for my photographic ideas …

The reaction that someone gives to a photo is just an opinion, two photos that I have entered into my local camera club and that came away with 9/10 have been put forward to the Southern Counties Photographic Federation Championships – There are 15 images from prints from my camera club put into the competition, and with over 100 members in my camera club to have two selected I think is a great achievement.


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