Year Two – March

March – 31 days long….  I have not managed a photo everyday this month… life has got in the way of my photography, it took up more time that I intended and I have had a bug which totally knocked me out but hopefully the balance is now back…. but it has still been a great month

  • I had a birthday and had an amazing birthday gift
  • I love working with dry ice and being creative in a controlled manner… I want to follow up on some creative ideas I now have
  • I have relaunched my local camera club’s web site with a whole new look
  • I have enjoyed taking photos when I have been able too… and I know I have continued to learn a lot.

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Year Two (26) – Back to basics

Photography has took a back seat for the last few weeks, I have been ill – I am still fighting it, I have had loads on work wise and I have been challenged to work out what is important and what direction I want to take things in… and have added up more muddled than ever – so it is time to go back to basics…

Flowers in my garden – Berberis Darwinii

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Year Two (25) – Smoke and Lighting

Today’s challenge at the Old Bakery today was to work with smoke and lighting. Karen did a fantastic set up which involved so lettering laser cut out of some acrylic, which was then back lit and with smoke side lit added. An experiment with filters controlling the colour of the light. Continue reading

Year Two (24) Dry Ice and flowers

Old Bakery photoshoot time … and this week there was a lot of new members and plenty of familiar faces… this week we had three set ups- Richard focused on bubbles, had a bubble machine running and was encouraging people to capture a bubble, John was playing with water droplets on flowers with a white background and I was asked on the evening to set up a shoot with dry ice.

Red Food Colouring and Dry Ice – Side flash off camera with trigger

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Year Two (23) – My first cake smash

On my photography wish list was a cake smash – and this week I pushed myself once again to tackle my very first cake smash and photoshoot in Freddie’s home… I knew what I wanted to achieve and it really dependent on whether Freddie would participate – but his mum was keen to have a go to and join in the adventure.

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Year Two (22) – Off Camera Flash

Last night I spend the evening with mt Canon 7D mark ii, my Canon 600 Ex-RT Speedlite and my new C-stand, which enables me to use the flash off camera in better positions, and I can already see what a difference in will make to the images I create.

I tried something new last night, I set the 600Ex-rt up as a slave and triggered if from the camera flash – keeping the camera flash and very low power so that it did not effect the lighting of my subject – I experimented with still life and smoke – aiming to capture interesting low key shots with atmosphere.

Coffee Crisis

This week we had a crisis – the coffee machine stopped working – anyone who knows me, knows that this is series … I really fussy about my coffee and import it in from France – so desperate messages called for a new machine …. however when I saw this miniature espresso cup in town, I knew it summed up my week and I wanted a photo. Continue reading