Year Two (23) – My first cake smash

On my photography wish list was a cake smash – and this week I pushed myself once again to tackle my very first cake smash and photoshoot in Freddie’s home… I knew what I wanted to achieve and it really dependent on whether Freddie would participate – but his mum was keen to have a go to and join in the adventure.

To make the shoot work – my top baby tips would be:

  • A fab cake – with soft icing that is yummy … Freddie had tasted cake before the shoot and knew what it was like – colours is important here – red cake can end up like dripping blood, chocolate icing more like poo….  choose wisely!
  • A cleanable surface for the cake to go on with room for the toddler to explore, an empty bath tub for afterwards and plenty of clothes to hand as needed, and a warm room… it baby is going to strip off … then they need to be comfortable.
  • Sprinkles are fun – you can add them into the shoot to add interest
  • A hungry toddler is a great idea … that way they are ready to eat and interested in the cake.
  • Enthusiasm and a spare set of clothes!
  • Use a zoom lens – you need to focus on the details and capture the whole scene, a low power flash and a higher ISO enables the flash to recharge quicker – you have to work fast and get the lighting right to start with.

First of all it was important to prepare the setting

Home studio set up

Once the lighting was set up .. it is about making the baby feel comfortable with the camera and the space….

Freddie's First Birthday photoshoot
Freddie photoshoot in time for his first birthday – a cake smash and fun

An outfit change and playing with our socks and the same location can create a totally different set of images – a great tradition exploring socks!

Freddie's First Birthday photoshoot
Freddie photoshoot in time for his first birthday

Then the fun begins – using a nappy cover that matched the dots on the cake was a fab idea down to the mum….  now the challenge was to capture his enjoyment, the mess, the moment and the details – you never know how it is going to go – but Freddie was a star!

The mess just grew and grew … so luckily bathtime was planned and prepared to which meant more opportunity for fun photos…. and of course you had to leave some of the icing on too.

Freddie's First Birthday photoshoot
Freddie bathtime Fun

The rest of photographs from this photoshoot are available to view via the online gallery: on RenoufDesign – why not pop on over and take a look!