Year Two (24) Dry Ice and flowers

Old Bakery photoshoot time … and this week there was a lot of new members and plenty of familiar faces… this week we had three set ups- Richard focused on bubbles, had a bubble machine running and was encouraging people to capture a bubble, John was playing with water droplets on flowers with a white background and I was asked on the evening to set up a shoot with dry ice.

Red Food Colouring and Dry Ice – Side flash off camera with trigger

Dry Ice is FUN! Photography is fun… so it was great to combine the two … the ice stood out best against a black background but it was fun to experiment with various different resources:

  • Triggers controlling an off camera flash with a snood on to direct the light
  • On camera flash triggering a slave flash
  • Experimenting with ISO, shutter speed and aperature to be able to record the whole dynamic range of the photo – the blacks had to be black, the white’s white.
  • To bounce ideas of of other photographers to create imaginative images.

This are a selection of the set ups, and some of the details.

Blue Food Colouring and Dry Ice – Side flash off camera with trigger
Red Food Colouring and Dry Ice – Side flash off camera with trigger – but with a different background
A camera shot glass, side lit with off camera flash trigger by on camera
A camera shot glass, side lit with off camera flash trigger by on camera
Yellow and Red food colouring and dry ice
Changing the angle

The challenge for me

  • Sharing my equipment, just wanting to set up another photo base – when other photographers don’t seem as willing to share theirs
  • Talking whilst setting up the shoot, I cant always talk about what I am doing – when I am not 100% sure myself … I need thinking/creative time.
  • Get other photographers to realise that I need to see the shot through my camera or their LCD screen to get the shoot right… I am not stopping them taking pictures, I am trying to get the shot to work for me first.
  • Thinking creativity – and knowing that what I can add in photoshop and lightroom, and remember that not everyone has this skill, so offer suggestions
  • Not understanding why other photographers don’t want to personalise the image for themselves, I hate setting up a shot and then someone else taking almost the same one – I feel we all need to inject our personality into our images and take ownership of them…
  • What are your settings? The question often asked … to me this is not the settings to use – this is the starting point of what might work – we can all alter the power of the flash if using the trigger, we all have different cameras, different sensors, different lens, different view points, the ISO, Aperture and shutter will need to change to take this into an account – and more importantly than that is the look you are hoping to achieve… my look is unlikely to be the same as yours… I tend to under expose as I want details in the shadows which I know I can work with in processing.
  • Being confident in my own abilities – we are all learning… some of the group think I know more than I think I do, I am beginning to feel confident in what I do know, and I need to encourage them more … but equally I want to be able to share information and advice on the level they are working at – and unless people open up and share their images on either the back of their screen or online it is impossible to see their vision.

The other set ups

There were three set ups – I only got time to visit two… John has some beautiful flowers and I captured these on a light table – I have one of these, so it is great to see it set up by someone else with a light underneath and a light above – offering a clam shell approach.

The pot of daffodils
Just the flowers

I love daffodils – coming in close and creating a slight abstract feel was my intention here, I could imagine this as a simple Spring themed greeting card. This is very much about choosing the settings and the focal point to create your intended image.

The whole plant

This beautiful Iris had a lovely pot which complimented the colours beautifully – John made a great selection, and it was nice to photograph something that was not mine. I like how the droplets of moisture stand out – but I wish i had removed the clip.

John showed me som plastic coloured mats he had and when we held them behind the plant – they created a totally different feel – I love the idea of changing the background only to create a unique feel to the image…. much easier than photoshopping…

A close up with water droplets and a blue plastic insert

A storm in a tea cup

Tim’s idea was a storm in a tea cup – so I choose a cup from the kitchen – not my ideal cup, but with limited resources you have to work with what you have – on a shoot, you plan for what you need, however the dry ice in the cup was amazing, and with the help of some photoshop brushes I was able to create my own storm.

A storm in a tea cup
A storm in a tea cup

The highlight then was I got to take some of the left over dry ice home – so I spent a morning at home coming up with more shots… some of which may appear in the monthly highlights in due course…. or on my facebook page – my dry ice adventure will continue!

6 thoughts on “Year Two (24) Dry Ice and flowers

    1. Amazing how much changing the background changes the image – the lighting I think was almost the same!
      Thanks for taking the time to comment!
      You should come to the New Forest on holiday – I know some great holiday cottages – – and I could show you the best places to take photos and if you pick the right week you could come along!


  1. Your photography is incredible. I like the way you think as well and couldn’t agree with you more when you spoke about the actual shoot. I need quiet. I cannot hold a conversation. I will not talk, let me put it that way. Every frame is different and calls for different settings, something you the photographer develops a “feel” for, depending on the effect you are seeking. I’m glad I work solo because getting into my zone is so so important. Amazement I felt at what you are creating with the dry ice. Just wow!!!! ❤


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