Year Two (26) – Back to basics

Photography has took a back seat for the last few weeks, I have been ill – I am still fighting it, I have had loads on work wise and I have been challenged to work out what is important and what direction I want to take things in… and have added up more muddled than ever – so it is time to go back to basics…

Flowers in my garden – Berberis Darwinii

like taking pictures and seeing what happens when I change settings, I like seeing the world I live in and capturing it as I see it and sharing it with others and I need to get back to that … I also like learning new things and experimenting creatively – I need time for that.

But for now I am going back to basics, I am revisiting some old ideas and seeing what I can do with them and how I can capture the image I want to create with a new camera, and learning what that camera can bring to my photographic world – I am now the very proud owner on my first full frame camera – a Canon 5D iii and as I already had some great glass than would work with the full frame… so now I am trying to see what the differences is are between my two set ups and I can already see I will be making a more conscious choice on what I choose to use.

The orange flower above (Berberis Darwinii) is growing in my garden,  I love the colour of it – above is as close as I could get to a flower head with a shallow depth of field… but my mission today was to compare the depth of field on a fixed focal length lens – I wanted to separate the flower from the background.

Below F32, a narrow aperture – collecting as much detail as possible – I had the camera on auto ISO and a tripod, although there was some wind, I am really pleased with the amount of detail captured and how it is not too effected by ISO noise.

ISO4000, 1/100sec, F32
ISO4000, 1/100sec, F32

Taking the F stop wider to F10, I can select a brand from the busy background and begin to introduce a degree of separation.

ISO400, 1/100, f10
ISO400, 1/100, f10

The widest aperture my 100mm lens can offer, and the background has a gentle bokeh which is just begining to appear in the above shot, and you can clearly see the detail of the plant – with the work moving it, the accuracy of the focusing, has got to be spot on.

ISO100, F2.8, 1/320sec
ISO100, F2.8, 1/320sec

Another attempt, this time I focused better and I dialed in some exposure compensation as I wanted the final image to be more spring light, more summery, more how I imagine the plant to be.  I am looking forward to more experiments.

ISO100, F2.8, 1/160 - increased the exposure
ISO100, F2.8, 1/160 – increased the exposure

Initial Differences:

  • Full frame is soo much wider – it is great for interior shots and bathrooms, making great use of space – I have used it for work already (highlights at the end of the month)
  • Full frame is wider, on forest walks the foreground of my image starts so much closer to me … a real challenge when I have the photo buddy keeping me company as he has now got to come back more.
  • It is slower than my crop camera – my 7D Mark ii, has a great frame rate and is quicker at processing… and I can get closer to the action on the same lens …
  • The depth of field differences I feel are much more significant on my first impression.
  • High ISO seem reasonable – I need to experiment.
  • It is like having a whole new set of lens to experiment with – their focal lengths have changed and they work different – for example I can see why people might think a nifty 50 is a great lens… whereas before I felt I was too close.