Year Two (29) – Night time and ISO

A lovely evening stroll in the blue hour at Boscombe in Dorset, Boscome pier is an icon local spot that I have wanted to visit in the evening for a while … but I also wanted to try and capture a different view – to make my own image of the pier.

I was without a tripod, not idea for evening light, but it was a good opportunity to experiment with the ISO settings on the full frame camera – so I shot in aperture priority, dialed in exposure compensation where needed and captured the evening light.

Sunset - ISO1250, F8, 1/50sec 24mm
Sunset – ISO1250, F8, 1/50sec 24mm

This is alongside the pier, I had missed the sunset cause I was having dinner in a lovely pub… but I waited till the couple were separate from each other to capture them in the arch of the pier, adding to the sense of scale and the location.

The Lifeguard Lookout - ISO320, F10, 1/30sec
The Lifeguard Lookout – ISO320, F10, 1/30sec

This is a lifeguard lookout against the evening sub, it was essential to keep the shutter speed just fast enough so I can handhold the camera without too much shake, and I think the building is a great shape against the skyline.

Reflecton Selfie - ISO6400, F10, 1/50sec
Reflection Selfie – ISO6400, F10, 1/50sec

A selfie on the evening sun – there is a huge sphere on the sea front … I wanted a different view of the beach and this gave me a great opportunity to do that …

The pier - ISO8000, F10, 1/40sec
The pier – ISO8000, F10, 1/40sec

This is the iconic shot of the pier that I have seen a lot of photographers share – or similar… often the pier in empty of people and you see the setting sun rather than the blue sky…. but I was looking for something different – to me the cyclist on the right add’s something to the image … but I wanted more…

Spending time - ISO1600, F10, 1/30sec
Spending time – ISO1600, F10, 1/30sec

Moving around, and experimenting with settings I discovered the cyclist was taking to someone… they had stopped by the lamp light to share a moment – I like the interaction between the two of them, the shadow cast by the lamp light leads you into the picture and so does the railing on the pier. I kind of felt I was imposing of their moment though – so I moved on….

The pier - ISO3200, F10, 1/30sec
The pier – ISO3200, F10, 1/30sec

Looking across from the other side of the pier I got even more – the lovely lines of the pier and the lights, the contrasting shape of the instrument and the cyclist and the person lit by the lamp – bringing a sense of scale to my pier image and making it uniquely mine, but it was missing something….  and was too dark.

Increasing the ISO enabled me to collect more light – it was a risk, but for online usage it would be fine, and a tried another angle – I got lower, used myside of the pier to frame the shot – you can see the horizon has dropped below the railings, but I think it makes the people clearer …. the person on the left has walked closer along the pier, his face had caught the light from a lamp, and he is looking away from the scene on the right – giving them their privacy….  it is an image that I am pleased with, and for me it tells a story …  a story of togetherness …

ISO5000, F10, 1/30 sec 24mm
ISO5000, F10, 1/30 sec 24mm