Year Two – May

One month seems to slip into another with a never ending clock ticking at the moment, and before I know it I have missed the photo opportunities of the month. Last year when I was doing a post every day I found I had so much more time time for photography than I do now, there is always at the moment something else that needs doing and I don’t have the time to challenge myself enough and get the images that I want – but I am also finding that I am much more critical of the images I am creating. Continue reading

Year Two (46) – Garden Birds

Last year when I started my 365 challenge – back on day 30 I spent some time taking photos of garden birds and want to share with you how my photography and bird population has improved. Continue reading

Year Two (45) – A trip to the beach

I headed to the beach… I took my camera, I was not really sure what I wanted to capture today, other than some photographs … I ended up enjoying the sunshine and the fresh air and taking a variety of images and experimenting! Continue reading

Year Two (44) -Moments to treasure

Photography for me is about capturing moments, moments that tell a story, moments that one day become memories and moments which at the time can be everyday occurrences – that are easily forgotten as our children grew.

Often as a photographer you get to do head shots, family group shots, weddings, cake smashes, new borns – but for me I love the opportunity to do an informal on location shoot – to spend time with a family and capture moments that just happen, that are fun and are just every day occurrences …

Bounced Flash
Bounced Flash – what a cutie.

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Year Two (43) – Controversial

Today’s post is more controversial than usual, it is not necessarily a nice topic and perhaps is not for the person who is easily offended – so if you are then please do not click read more…

However there are times when all photographers have to photograph things outside there immediate comfort zone, maybe they need an image that tells a particular story, something they feel uncomfortable with, the challenge then is to decide whether to publish those images or whether just to hide them away…

Behind the scenes
Behind the scenes

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Year Two (42) – Cake Smash

I love taking photos of young children, especially capturing moments that families can look back on and remember the memories, and I wish I had the skills back when my children were small to capture the images I would have liked to have had, alternatively I wish I had had the money to pay a professional to capture those moments.

Now though – I have become that professional, but with a twist….

Behind the Scenes

I know as a new mum, with three under 18 months, Continue reading

Year Two (41) – Photo Buddy is back!

Photobuddy is back and is the star of today’s photoshoot, I wanted a focal point in the bluebell wood and my border collie was a willing model… well put it this way, he was keen to come for a walk and was happy to have the camera pointed in his direction, whereas the rest of the family really want to these days.

Lying among the bluebells

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Year Two (40) – More flowers

My mum likes to explore gardens, I like to take photos – so today’s challenge was to try and combine the two and to take various photos of the gardens we were exploring. Today’s visit was to Furzey Gardens in the New Forest – it is a charity run garden which is home to  the Minstead Training Trust, which provides residential care and horticultural training to adults with learning disabilities. Continue reading

Year Two (39) – Starting to look at flowers

I am planning to have a few days out in the coming weeks taking photos of flowers – I won’t have any control of the light – other than the direction in which I take  create the images from – I am not in charge of the weather – so whether it is too harsh or not bright enough… I will just have to work with it.

Today I started looking at what I felt worked for flower photography …  to focus my mind… I experimented with: Continue reading