Year Two (37) – Abstract Art

The topics for the Old Bakery are sometimes obscure and a little odd, sometimes you instinctively think that you know what you can create based on that theme,, others a little but more challenging – partly because you have to take all your equipment and props with you, and partly because it is how you incorporate the subject.

The base I set up was all about managing light, I notice not everyone had a go – but my idea was to use a variety of flat objects on a glass surface to create something abstract using off camera flash to model the light… and then to add something to the shot in post processing.

By changing the white balance, adding a radio blur, changing the focus the image changes significantly.

Abstract Shapes

Another base was set up with oil water and light reflections… the challenge was to create an image …. this was all about reflection and capturing the details – making sure you focused on the right layer of liquid.

Abstract – Oil and Water

Another base was all about computer components and low key lighting…. a very abstract and unreal world, changing the direction of the light, the white balance – the focal area, by obscuring part of the image  – all creates different shots – and a different mode to the image.

Abstract Photography

Do they work?

It really depends on your idea of what is Abstract and what is art, but for me the session was more about using what was available to create an image, to make the light work and to create something from nothing….

Somehow though I am not looking forward to the next them – Controversial photography – what would you photograph? Any thoughts?