Year Two (45) – A trip to the beach

I headed to the beach… I took my camera, I was not really sure what I wanted to capture today, other than some photographs … I ended up enjoying the sunshine and the fresh air and taking a variety of images and experimenting!

ND Filters

ND filters – neutral density filters cut the amount of light that enters the lens and enables you to increase the shutter speed… they are explained really well here – ND filters. I have circular filters, as they are the ones I am most comfortable using.

  • ND2 – 1 F stop reduction or
  • ND2 – 2 F stop reduction
  • ND 8 – 3 F stop reduction
  • ND 1000 – 10 F stop reduction
ISO100, F11, 1/125
ISO100, F11, 1/125
ISO 100, F11, 1/200 sec - ND2
ISO 100, F11, 1/200 sec – ND2
ISO100, F11, 1/200 Sec ND4
ISO100, F11, 1/200 Sec ND4
ISO100, F11, 1/100 sec, ND8
ISO100, F11, 1/100 sec, ND8
ISO100, F11, 2sec - ND400
ISO100, F11, 2sec – ND400

The important thing to manage with HDR photography is the colour balance – as the filter can give the pictures a colour cast. The less dense filters are great though in bright sunlight and they can be used with flash too – another area I need to read about.

The soft water look you get with long exposures is also something down to personal taste.. some people like it and other people hate it – but those exposures can also be used in a busy location to reduce the number of people visible – another experiment I have yet to try!


While at the beach I spotted this graffiti covered beach hut and decided that I wanted to see if I could make the photo have a lot more impact if I used an HDR technique. We had an interesting speaker at camera club the other week, who talked about how to take exposures for HDR to get the full dynamic range so here was my first opportunity, based on his histogram technique I had 12 images to process each taken 1 stop apart.

Processed from one file from the camera.
Processed from one file from the camera.
Photoshop HDR software
Photoshop HDR software
Nik HDR software
Nik HDR software

The challenge is deciding what look I want to go for as an artist. I like my HDR shots to look natural, and the speaker – Jeff Morgan – highlighted that for me.


I ended up noticing that the colour of yellow was everywhere and I began to photograhing the colour… all though in some cases there seemed like more to uncover – this was on the back of a beach hut, it has obviously been there for a while … but why? and ewww? and who would? Surely they (human or animal can go back up the steps to the cliff top….

Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

Once I started looking at yellow – there are so many shades, matt finishes, high gloss finishes adding reflections – the sun was harsh though and although this meant there was plenty of light to shoot without my tripod – it also meant there were lots of harsh shadows too.

Glossy paintwork provides a reflection…

Who would have thought there were so many Yellow objects of the beach?

A walk along the beach capturing all things yellow!