Year Two – May

One month seems to slip into another with a never ending clock ticking at the moment, and before I know it I have missed the photo opportunities of the month. Last year when I was doing a post every day I found I had so much more time time for photography than I do now, there is always at the moment something else that needs doing and I don’t have the time to challenge myself enough and get the images that I want – but I am also finding that I am much more critical of the images I am creating.

I have ended the month with a day of computer hell, my Adobe subscription ran out, and I have the full package – with illustrator CC, indesign CC, dreamweaverCC and my photography software, the annual costs are huge, and with clients wanting more for less –  I wonder whether it is worth it. I can’t roll back to an older copy, I cant access my old files and I can’t do the work I need to do….  Today I just feel like screaming!

What a way to add May ….  And Adobe don’t seem that supportive today… you would have thought they would like my money, when it costs over £45 a month just to edit the images and photos to the standard I want to add … you would have thought they could answer their helpline and be available out of hours to help!

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